Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Final Long Run

Today marked the final long run of the 18 week Cleveland Marathon training cycle!  The plan was for Jenn and I to meet at 7 AM for our 8 mile run.  I updated my status on Facebook to reflect the final long run!  Minutes later Deb commented on my status saying that she and Mellisa were also heading out to run so I asked her when and where.  It turned out that we would be running at the same location but I knew Jenn and I were supposed to meet at 7 AM.  Things always have a way of working out and I got a text message from Jenn asking if we could meet at 7:30 because she overslept.  I told her 7:30 would work great and commented on my facebook status that Jenn and I would be there at 7:30 so we all decided to meet there and run together!  I love the sport of running!  It's amazing how many wonderful people you meet!  To think a few weeks ago we didn't even know Mellisa and Deb and today we were doing part of our final long run with them.  It was a lot of fun to run and talk to them about our upcoming races next weekend.  Mellisa and Deb will be running the 1/2 marathon at Cleveland and are training to run the Chicago Marathon in October!  When we got to the four mile mark we stopped and took a few pictures and said we hoped to see each other next Sunday!

Mellisa, Jenn, and Deb at the four mile mark

Mellisa, Deb, and I at the four mile mark

four ladies at the four mile mark
Jenn and I headed back to finish up our run.  As we approached the end of our run Jenn started sprinting.  I had no idea she was going to do that.  It was too funny!  She wanted to see what she could do at the end of the run!  She was so proud of that sprint and I was too!  Jenn had mentioned how she loved getting medals at the end of a lot of our recent long runs.  We were able to do this by tacking on miles to races that we entered.  I told her at the beginning of the run that I didn't have a medal for her at the end of the run but I did have something else for her but she would have to finish the run to get it.  As we were stretching at our cars, I presented her with her very own signed copy of Kara Goucher's book!  I think it was close enough to a medal! :)  Right before we left, we took the traditional post run picture!!

8 miles and done
One week from today I will be seeking my revenge on 26.2 also known as my epic 2010 Cleveland Marathon DNF which you can read about here, complete with my awesome back bib from races2remember!  There will not be much running to speak of this week but that's okay because I want to be at the start line with Dave and Jenn and anybody else that would like to run with us with rested legs, a clear mind, and a full heart!

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!


  1. I just went back and read your 2010 race report. OMG. What a story!
    Best wishes for an awesome 2011 race!

  2. We are going to rock that run, and of course the book was better than a metal!

  3. I love that last photo! Good luck! Have a great final week of taper.

  4. You're almost there!!!! You can do it!!

  5. Wait? I swear I posted here the other day!

    Running friends are great to have!! And how cool your running people are doing the Chicago Marathon! So am I!!

    That back bib is priceless! I remember reading about that story when I first started reading your blog! Whoa! Scared the crap out of me!! lol

  6. Jodi - you are going to do great this weekend. Just stay in the mile and don't think about the miles you've already run or how many you have left to go.

    It's hard during a "revenge" race not to get too far ahead of yourself. This will be tough for you as your "race" doesn't really start until mile 26 .... just enjoy the day Jodi and go get that finisher's medal!

  7. Hi Jodi! Good luck this weekend :) We are running w/ Team in Training so I will be in a purple top and a bright blue Brooks hat, if you see me say hi!!!

    Vengence this time around too :) You have got this!