Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November in Review

Today's 3 mile treadmill run brought my November training to a close.

November Stats

66-- running miles
0-- elliptical miles
0-- bike miles
66-- total miles
152.2-- weight as of November 30, 2010

Current 2010 Stats

1,066-- running miles
52.9-- elliptical miles
5.1-- bike miles
1, 124-- total miles

What can I say about my November training? I scaled back quite a bit but still managed to log 66 miles even with taking an entire week off to celebrate Thanksgiving and spend time with my family and friends! I have to say I am impressed that I am only up 1.2 pounds since October 31 especially since I took an entire week off running and enjoyed the holiday spread this past week! I would definitely consider this month a success.

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

Request for encouragement for one of our own because afterall, runners stride together!

Yes, the title was my lame attempt at a Might Ducks movie quote. Those of you that have been following my blog for awhile now know that I spend a great deal of time running with one of my good friends Jenn. In fact, I have run two 1/2 marathons with her now and will be running the Cleveland Marathon with her on May 15, 2011.

Jenn has had some struggles as of late with running, exercise, and eating. She just posted on her blog for the first time since the 1/2 marathon we ran in September. If you could please head over to her blog and read her post (here) and offer her encouragement I would greatly appreciate it. She is strong and she will prevail she just needs to be reminded of her strength and abilities!

Thank you so much for being such a supportive community! I will post my November in Review later this evening once I finish my treadmill run!

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

An Unplanned Week of Rest Days That I Wouldn't Change For The World

Last Sunday I ran a 1/2 marathon with Jenn and I haven't run one single step since then and I honestly wouldn't change it for the world! We had such a great Thanksgiving week! Tuesday afternoon the kids and I headed to PA to visit friends and family. Wednesday morning was spend visiting Christmas Land!

Wednesday evening the hubby and I got to spend the evening with one of my best friends and her husband! It had been a long time since we had seen them and we had a lot of laughs stemming from the fact that the local Applebees referred to themselves as Club Apple since they had a DJ. We had a great time facebooking that one!!

Kaelynn and I were supposed to run the Gobble Wobble 5K on Thanksgiving morning but the weather had other plans for us. It was a hard decision to make but I had to pull the plug on our run because Kaelynn had just gotten over strep throat. She was very disappointed and even put on her "running gear" to wear for Thanksgiving. She settled for playing war with her uncle and playing some computer games with her brother.

Friday morning, I was up at 4:30am to do some Black Friday shopping with one of my best friends! While we were shopping, the kids made sugar cookies with Pop Pop and Grammy. Cookie making was followed by stopping to visit my Grandma on our way back to Ohio yesterday afternoon. You should have seen the smile on Grandma's face when she saw her great grandkids walk through the door! We visited with Grandma for a few minutes and then made our way home.
This morning the kids and I headed to Ford Field to watch our cousin Kyle play in the high school state championship game. He is the kicker for the Plymouth Wildcats and that boy can kick! I was very impressed with his foot skills! In fact, one of his kicks was so impressive that the entire stadium shouted "Whoa" in unison. It was so cool! Way to go #27! Best of luck to Kyle as he starts his college career at the University of Notre Dame in January!

The added benefit of going to Kyle's game was getting to see lots of family that live in Tennessee since they were in Michigan for Thanksgiving! I was especially excited to see my cousin Trinity! We were born exactly 10 days apart and have always had a strong connection. We manage to stay in touch even though we live many miles away from each other! Thank goodness for Facebook, Skype, and unlimited texting!
In the end, I probably gained at least 3 pounds and didn't burn more than a few calories while shopping and walking to the stadium today but like I said before...I wouldn't change it for the world! I love my family and friends and I am so very thankful for the time I had with them this week!
Keep running (I need to practice what I preach), you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thumbs Up Thursday....Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of being thankful for finding my love of exercise and running again, as well as being continually inpsired by others, I am here by dedicating this week's Thumbs Up Thursday to all former Thumbs Up Thursday participants!

Take a few minutes to check out their interviews. Just click on a name to be taken to the post. I dare you not to be inspired by these amazing individuals because I know I am!!


Keep running, you're simply the best, and ALL of YOU inspire ME!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Pleasant Wednesday In Pennsylvania

We are in Pennsylvania visiting my family for Thanksgiving. No trip to PA during Thanksgiving is complete without a trip to Kraynak's Christmas Land!

Kaelynn and Grant in front of The Peanuts display

Grant checking out the gree, purple, and pink trees

Kaelynn and Grant unhappy about having to stand in front of the Steeler's tree
Kaelynn and Grant happy about standing in front of the Brown's tree. Where did I go wrong? When did they become Brown's fans? Perhaps the fact that their daddy gets a "suite" at the Brown's games that gives them unlimited access to food has something to do with it.

Kaelynn and Grant admiring the sports wall.
Once we finished up at Christmas land Kaelynn, my mom, and I headed to get Kaelynn a "running outfit" for tomorrow's Gobble Wobble 5K. It will be Kaelynn's second 5K and she is looking forward to it.
Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cleveland Fall Classic 1/2 Marathon Race Report

After my PR race at the Detroit Free Press 1/2 marathon back in October, I scaled back my training. I wasn't feeling up to par for several days after the race and I just couldn't get myself overly motivated to get back into the swing of things. I threw it out on Facebook that I needed a new goal. My friend Jenn's husband replied and said that I should run the Fall Classic 1/2 marathon with Jenn on November 21st. I figured that was the perfect solution. You would think that would motivate me to get out there more but I still continued to scale back my training and take more days off than I did while training for Detroit. At this point Jenn and I decided we would just treat the 1/2 as a training run. We both got in limited mileage the two weeks prior to the race. Jenn was sidelined by the flu last week and then she woke up with a cold Saturday morning. By the time we got to the start line yesterday, Jenn had full blown laryngitis. We decided we would shoot for sub 2:30 and treat it as a training run. We started out great and faster than we had anticipated. The course was unique as you ran two loops around the course. It was nice because you got to see other runners the entire time. It was great to see people we knew heading in the opposite direction and being able to cheer them on. In fact we got to see Connie (here) several times! During the first loop we happened upon fellow dailymiler Angie and we all ran together for quite a while. After we headed back out for the second loop, Jenn and I both decided we needed visit the port-o-potty which was right by a water stop. Angie was kind enough to wait for us to finish and then we all kept running. I am so glad we stopped because I felt so much better and it was much easier to run without a full bladder!

Since we treated this as a training run, I was able to work on my nutrition/hydration. Morgan(here) had suggested I try Power Bar Gels and I have to say I loved them. I had a strawberry banana one before the race and it went down very easily and tasted great. The best part...no stomach issues! I also decided I was going to try the Power Bar Gel Blasts. I was glad I looked at the packaging on Sunday morning and realized that it was going to be too bulky to fit in my amphipod waist belt (that I purchased on Friday at packet pickup) that I love by the way! I took the blasts out of the original packaging and put them in a ziploc sandwich bag. It worked well. Although, I think a snack size bag would have been the perfect size so I will be purchasing some snack bags! The plan was to eat the blasts at mile 5. The blasts were also strawberry banana and they were great. They were nice and soft and very easy to chew and again....no stomach issues! I had originally planned to take another gel at mile 10 but I was feeling good so I opted to just finish my smart water in my handheld during the final 3.1. I think I have found my new fuel! Thanks again for the recommendation Morgan!!

Around mile 10 or so, Jenn was having a hard time breathing. The cold was definitely catching up to her so we just took it nice and slow until we hit the 13 mile marker and then we booked it to the finish in a time of 2:21. Not bad, not bad at all!

Since a race report just isn't a race report without pictures, I give you the finish line in photos!

Jenn, Angie, and I

Connie and I

Jenn and I

Jenn with her hubby (who ran his first 5K yesterday and crushed it) and kiddos.
Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thumbs Up Thursday...Erin

This week's spotlight is on Erin of Just Run With It (here). After you read her interview, head on over to her blog and say hello!

Erin: First – thanks for highlighting me this week, Jodi! I love your idea of Thumbs Up Thursdays and I’m flattered you chose me!
Jodi: You are more than welcome Erin!

Jodi: How long have you been running?
Erin: Since 7th grade. My older sister didn’t make the volleyball team, so she decided to run XC instead. My brother followed in her footsteps, so as soon as I could join the team (7th grade) I did.

Jodi: Why did you start running?
Erin: I wanted to be cool just like my older siblings. That, and my dad ran a lot when he was younger (5 marathons in his day!) and I really look up to him. Running is just a huge part of what my family does. A family that sweats together, stays together.

Jodi: How many years have you been racing?
Erin: 7th through 12th grade and all four years in college. I ran competitively for a D3 college and those years gave me experiences I’ll never forget. I loved the feeling of lacing up my 3/8” XC spikes, the butterflies, the team spirit. I miss racing as part of team.

Jodi: What is your favorite distance to race and why?
Erin: In college, the 5k was my thing. It’s so tough - mentally and physically - and I loved that. Now that I’m out of collegiate running, I dig the long runs. The ones where you’re out on the trails for 2+ hours, self-supporting, and down with nature. The long runs are my favorite part of running now.

Jodi: What is your favorite race memory?
Erin: The Cleveland Marathon (May 2010) as a whole, but specifically the last 1.2 miles. The idea of BQ’ing was just minutes away and distance running distilled down to its basics in those moments: survival, guts, heart, pride. I truly felt like a marathoner.

Jodi: What is your least favorite race memory?
Erin: I’d like to think my first marathon experience (Boulder Backroads Marathon) made me tougher… I ended up getting pretty badly dehydrated around mile 19. I crawled, puked, and walked my way to the finish line. Not exactly the first marathon experience I thought I’d have, but what doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger, right?

Jodi: What is your proudest running moment to date?
Erin: Winning the equivalence of “state” XC when I lived in Singapore. I out-kicked my competitor, sprinting into the shoot where my brother was waiting with arms wide open. I was proud to win it for my team and I was proud to come from a family that supports each other like that.

Jodi: What one item do you absolutely have to have with you on a training run?
Erin: My $10 target start/stop watch. How’s a girl to know when to turn around?!

Jodi: What is your favorite fuel during a race?
Erin: Mocha Clif Shots or Chocolate Gu’s. They taste like brownie batter!

Jodi: What is your favorite post race snack?
Erin: Pizza. Definitely, definitely pizza.

Jodi: Who do you admire most and why?
Erin: My hero is the old man, still out running in his 70s. My heroes are the quadriplegics who refuse to say “can’t”. My hero is the mom pushing a baby stroller despite the 9 months she just went through. People who love running and stay dedicated despite adversities.

Jodi: Do you have a favorite quote?
Erin: “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, made to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars…” ~ Jack Kerouac

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift” ~ Pre

Jodi: Finish this statement, when I run I feel___________.
Erin: Alive.

Jodi: What is your current goal?
Erin: A healthy recovery from my current knee injury and a successful (injury-free) training cycle and trip to Boston in April 2011.

Thanks again for the opportunity to give you a Thumbs Up Erin! Best of luck with your Boston 2011 training!

Keep running, you're simply the best, and Erin YOU inspire ME!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Treadmill Anger Management

When I got off work today, it was raining cats and dogs! It was crazy, windy rain! I decided to stay out of the elements and hit the treadmill so I headed down to the basement and decided to find something to watch while running. I was thrilled to see that the last 45 minutes of Anger Management were on....perfect...I want to run 5 miles and it will take me about 45 minutes. I decided that I was going to mix it up on the treadmill so I wouldn't get bored and feel like a hamster running on a wheel. I decided to break my run up into segments. In the end it looked like this:

0-5 minutes @ 10:00/mile
5-10 minutes @ 8:34/mile
10-15 minutes @ 9:40/mile
15-20 minutes @ 8:20/mile (managed to open a snack for Grant while still running.)
20-25 minutes @ 9:40/mile
25-30 minutes @ 8:34/mile
30-35 minutes @ 9:40/mile
35-40 minutes @ 8:20/mile
40-45 minutes @ 9:40/mile

As much as I would have loved to run outside, I enjoyed mixing it up on the treadmill!

What's your favorite treadmill workout?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Creating Pages- How Do You Do It and Check Out Tonia's Giveaway

Okay, so most all the giveaways around bloggyland ask that you link to their giveaway post on your blog. I am more than happy to do it, but there has to be something I am missing. I see all kinds of people that have a giveaway page on their sidebar near their blog roll. I can't figure out how to do that for the life of me and it is making me crazy! Can someone please help me?

Oh, and by the way, Tonia is having an awesome giveaway so head on over and check it out!
Racing With Babes-Run Naked

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Are You Okay? Where's Your Bone Tail?

This afternoon I decided to pick Kaelynn up first and take her shopping for some new jeans. I swear the child got taller while she was sleeping! We headed to the Justice that was close to Second Sole where my new running shoes were on hold. I figured we could get twice as much accomplished by doing all of our shopping in the same area. Boy was I wrong. Kaelynn tried on several pair of jeans and of course was heart broken because they didn't have her size in the one pair she really liked. I told Kaelynn we would stop by the running store to pick up my shoes and then we would stop at the other Justice that was closer to Grant's preschool. She was a bit annoyed that we had to stop and get my shoes. She pointed out that the running store was boring and there were no treats there. So with a promise of being speedy quick we headed into the store and I grabbed these beauties!

As I was getting ready to pay, I looked down and realized they had my favorite flavor of Carb Boom again! I was thrilled! Yes, I really did buy six packages. I was also ecstatic when the sales associate told me that they would in fact still carry all flavors of Carb Boom.

As I was about to finish paying, Kaelynn realized that there were in fact treats at the running store. She loves Clif Kid Organic Twisted Fruit! She asked if she could have two since she had been so patient. She picked grape and strawberry and ate them before we got to the second Justice!

Once we found a parking spot we headed into the store and I was thrilled to find the one pair she liked in her size.

She proceeded to try on 10 different pair of jeans and not one single pair fit her. She was extremely disappointed but was happy when I let her get a shirt as well.

We ended up leaving with the jeans, the shirt, a new pair of earrings, and a peace headband that matched the shirt. Boy was I happy that I had a 40% off coupon! Once we finally headed to Grant's daycare it was dark. When I walked into his classroom, the Director of the preschool said "are you okay?" I told her I was fine and she said "we were just worried about you because it isn't like you to be much past 4:30 in the afternoon." I explained to her where I had been and apologized for not calling to which she said "Oh, it's perfectly fine. Girl time is definitely needed. We were just worried you were out running and had gotten hurt. We are so glad you are okay!" After I finished my conversation with the Director, Grant walked up to me and said "mom, we shouldn't be at school it is dark out."

As we were driving home, I asked the kids what they wanted for dinner. I was very proud when they picked Subway because they wanted to "eat healthy" (their words). We had the best discussion while sitting at the table enjoying our delicious sandwiches. Grant said he knew where his quadricep and hamstring were because he learned it in Stretch 'N Grow today. I took the bait.
Me: Grant where's your hamstring?
Grant: Right here (pointing to his hamstring).
Me: Grant where's your quadricep?
Grant: Right here (pointing to his quadricep).
At this point I decide I'm going to challenge him.
Me: Grant where's your tricep?
Grant: Right here (pointing right to his tricep).
Me: Grant where's your bicep?
Grant: Right here (pointing right to his bicep).
At this point Kaelynn chimes in.
Kaelynn: Grant where's your tailbone?
Grant: Right here (pointing to his hip).
Kaelynn: No Grant it's right here (pointing to her tailbone).
Grant: Mom, where's your bone tail again?
Me: (laughing hystericallly) you mean your tailbone Grant?
Grant: Yeah, your bone tail.
Me: It's right here Grant (pointing to my tailbone).
Grant: Okay, can we go home now?
Me: Sure, let's go guys.

It was quite an entertaining dinner! We headed home and played a mean game of I Spy Eagle Eye which the kids picked over watching tv. Healthy food and mind challenging board games over fast food and tv! I love it!!

Keep running, you're simply the best and you inspire me!!

Thumbs Up Thursday...Janae

This week's spotlight is on Janae of The Hungry Runner Girl (here). After you read her interview head on over to her blog. Trust me you won't be disappointed but make sure you have eaten first because she is known for posting pictures of very delicious looking food! Without further delay I give you Thumbs Up Thursday!!

Janae: First of all, I wanted to thank Jodi for having me over on Thumbs-up Thursday. I absolutely love her blog and I always get excited when there is a new post….admit it we are all a little stalkerish. :)
Jodi: I didn't even pay her to say that. You are too sweet girl! Thank you!!

Jodi: How long have you been running?
Janae: I have been running off and on for twelve years but really got into the sport in the last 5 years.
Jodi: Why did you start running?
Janae: My first experience with running was when I was 12. My sister was a senior in high school and my mom wouldn’t let her go running by herself… partly, because she wanted to go at 11 pm. I was enlisted and started running with her every night until she moved out.

Jodi: How many years have you been racing?
Janae: I started doing triathlon’s, ½ marathons and 5k’s about five years ago. At the end of my ½ marathons I always thought there is NO way I could do a marathon! I did my first marathon 6 months ago.

Jodi: What is your favorite distance to race and why?
Janae: Marathons! As unhealthy as it sounds, I love pushing myself far beyond what feels good. I love that I have 26.2 miles to think, learn about myself and compete.

Jodi: What is your favorite race memory?
Janae: My favorite race memory was at the Salt Lake City Marathon, my first marathon. I asked everyone I knew what their advice was for the race and they told me to hold back for the first half of the marathon. I did and I was bored. At mile 5, I thought why in the world am I holding back, this is so fun and I feel great! I increased my pace and finished long before I thought I would.

Jodi: What is your least favorite race memory?
Janae: My worst race memory was at the starting line of my second marathon it was 34 degrees and pouring rain. I questioned my training, why I run and everything under the sun. It rained the whole race but progressively the endorphins started kicking in and I started making fun of myself for being so dramatic.

Jodi: What is your proudest running moment to date?
Janae: My proudest running moment was during my last marathon, Top of Utah. At mile 8 I had an aha moment!! I am very competitive and quite the perfectionists so a lot of times during races I am not very positive with myself. I.E. How can you let her pass you? You are moving like molasses etc. At mile 8 I became my own biggest cheerleader. All of the sudden I was telling myself I was the bomb.com and for the first time I realized how important it is to be your own best friend! I changed my whole attitude and set a PR at 3:04. I am proud of a huge mental accomplishment that I made that day and it didn’t hurt to make a little money. :)

Jodi: What one item do you absolutely have to have with you on a training run?
Janae: A sports bra….ha that would really hurt without one!! For reals, I have to have my Garmin. I feel naked without it. That little screen keeps me so entertained.

Jodi: What is your favorite fuel during a race?
Janae: Shot blocks, black cherry with caffeine. It might be the placebo effect but I feel an instant burst of energy right when I take it! Gu’s make me gag!

Jodi: What is your favorite post race snack? 
Janae: Not much, I experience ‘Runners Flu’ to the extreme. Chocolate milk always sounds good though. The day after a race my hunger is on crack and I love to treat myself to a burger and a shake.

Jodi: Who do you admire most and why?
Janae: My late Grandad. He was such a strong runner and coached a lot of people to reach their running and life goals. He ran in college and did extremely well. As a runner did I admired him but he was also the most honest, kind and hardworking man I have ever known.
Jodi: Do you have a favorite quote?
Janae: Like a million:) “Attitude determines altitude.” “Pain is temporary, quitting is forever.” Pretty much anything Dr. Seuss ever said.
“Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re probably right.”
-Henry Ford

Jodi: Finish this statement, when I run I feel___________.
Janae: Like I was born to do this! All of my stress melts away and I realize how many blessings I have.

Jodi: What is your current goal?
Janae: Sub three-hour marathon….only 240 seconds away. :)

Jodi: Please feel free to add anything else you feel will help others lace up their shoes and get out there and run!!
Janae: No matter what your fitness level is I promise if you just get yourself out on that pavement, you will never regret a run! (Unless you were to get run over by a bus or something) Your health will improve, your relationships will get stronger and you can enjoy the benefits of carb-loading!!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to give you a Thumbs Up Janae. Best of luck in achieving your current goal of a sub three-hour marathon!

Keep running, you're simply the best, and Janae YOU inspire ME!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Few Quick Reader Questions And Discount Codes

So, I have really been thinking about something a lot lately so I figured I would come to my wonderful bloggy friends and ask all of you what works for you.

1. When doing long runs or 1/2 marathons and marathons where/how do you carry your nutrition and hydration?

2. What do you use for your nutrition and hydration?

3. Is there a certain brand you prefer for carrying your nutrition?

I was recently reading some reviews on Spibelt (here) and became rather intrigued so I sent an email to the company to see if their product would work for me.

See, I want to be able to have my phone, some form of ID, and my nutrition fit into something. I do have pockets in my running shorts but my blackberry is just too heavy and is constantly pulling on my shorts. In the email I explained exactly what I wanted to carry and I got a response assuring me that everything would fit. They also pointed out that there is an energy spibelt which has additional loops on the belt to hold gels. The best part of the entire email was that they are currently offering a holiday discount of 15% (code is "holiday22") as well as free shipping (code is "ship09"). I figure since the shipping code is listed on their website and I have sited their website (here) it is okay to share this information with all of you!

So, please tell me how do you carry and hydrate?

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Difficult Run, Shopping, Lunch, and Cupcakes

Enjoyed the extra hour of sleep this morning then headed out for what I thought was going to be a nice 6 miler. About 1/4 mile into the run, it felt like someone had put these in my shoes!

I powered through and finished the run. Today's run was one of my worst runs in a long time! I decided I should be happy that I made it through months of training without having a bad day until today.

My bad day was quickly turned around because my mom was in town this weekend and we decided to head out for some Christmas shopping while the kids were at the Browns game with daddy.

First we went to Crocker Park and hit up Gymboree and Justice where my mom bought the kids some clothes for Christmas! We got great deals AND I had coupons!

Before we left Crocker Park I told my mom about the awesome cupcakes I get there so of course I had to buy one for each of us! Mom chose peanut butter cup and I went for oreo. We decided we should probably have a real lunch before eating our cupcakes so we headed to one of my favorite places to eat!

We finished up lunch and headed to another one of my favorite places.

Mom finished up her Christmas shopping for the kids and we headed back to my house so she could head back to PA before it got dark. After saying goodbye to my mom, I headed back out to finish up a few errands. I hit Game Stop, Wal-Mart, Lowes and Max Wellness. I was very happy with Max Wellness. I had never been there before and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I bought some power bar energy chews and gels to try and some electrolyte stamina to add to my water on long runs. I also got to sit in a really cool massage chair that even massages your calves. I told them I was going to move into their store during marathon training. They got a good laugh with that comment!

Shortly after the kids got home Kaelynn spotted a box in the refrigerator. She knew immediately that it was a cupcake box. She called me out quickly on it! After we had some dinner I called her into the kitchen and asked her if she would like to share it.
She immediately accepted my offer and we ate the entire cucpake. Do you think we enjoyed it?
All in all, it was a great day! One bad run isn't the end of the world and I got to spend the day with some of my favorite people!
Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

13 X 7 = 91

By the time I got off work today the weather was a crazy cold mess! I decided to head to the Y again and hit the indoor track. If you remember from yesterday's post, 13 laps = 1 mile. I had decided to count my laps using the stopwatch function on my cell phone, as suggested by Alicia (here); however my husband suggested I just hit the lap button on my Garmin. For some reason, I didn't think it would work if I wasn't outside and didn't have a satellite reading (I have a bad habit of over analyzing things...this is just further proof of that). Still not convinced the Garmin lap button would work, I kept track of my first mile with the stopwatch function on my cell phone. When I started my second mile I decided to give the Garmin lap button a shot. Imagine my excitement when it worked like a charm and I realized I wouldn't have to carry my cell phone in my hand to run anymore! I enjoyed some great people watching today!

91 laps (13 laps = 1 mile)
7 miles
8:28/mile pace

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Running in circles (literally) and Thumbs Up and Bloggy Land Give Aways

Yesterday I needed to fit a run in. The hubs had a work meeting and wouldn't be home until after dark. The kids had swim lessons at the Y. I considered running on the treadmill when I got home but decided to multitask instead. We got to the Y and I got Kaelynn settled in with a book and Grant sent to the pool for his lesson and then I hit the indoor track at the Y. I ran in a circle 39 times for a total of 3 miles! Since I was working with a time restraint I decided to go for speed. Sure enough, I came in at 7:49/mile pace. I was quite impressed with myself. The hardest part of the run was keeping track of which lap I was on. I counted the first 13 laps on my fingers. For the final 26 laps I would put my phone in my left hand for the odd laps and my right hand for the even laps. It worked out okay but if I intend to run more than 39 laps at a time it could be more challenging! Any suggestions for counting? One facebook friend suggested I use silly bands and switch them from one wrist to the other and count when finished. Another friend suggested I get one of those "clickers" that the old ladies at the store use to keep track of their grocery bill. She was of course kidding but I pointed out to her that I did in fact google hand counters last night! Please give me any advice you have!

Now for the important information:

Did you read Michelle's Thumbs Up Thursday spotlight (here)?
Have you checked out The Hungry Runner Girl's giveaway (here)?
Have you check out Running Diva Mom's giveway (here)?

What?? You haven't? What on earth are you waiting for??

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

Thumbs Up Thursday...Michelle

These week's spotlight is on Michelle of The Running Diva (here). Stop on over to her blog and say hello after you read her interview! It is always a great read! You won't be disappointed!!

Jodi: How long have you been running?
Michelle: I started running way back when in elementary school. I ran track from grades 1-4 and I absolutely hated it. I was fast and usually won the 100m and 200m races at the track meets but I would get so sick before a race. I remember one time I actually wore jeans to a track meet hoping that they wouldn't let me race. They did. I quit running and didn't start up again until high school. I joined the cross country team in grade 12 and after the first run, I quit. It was hard. I was out of shape and I didn't like not being able to keep up. So I trained on my own and got up to 3-4mile runs most days of the week. I went off to university and ran sporadically, never really committing to the sport. I gained a lot of weight and topped out at around 235-240lbs. I discovered running again after I went to teach English in South Korea. I've been running now consistently for 2.5 years and am completely addicted to it! I'm not your typical "skinny" runner and probably never will be and I'm okay with that.

Jodi: Why did you start running?
Michelle: I started running again in my adult life mainly to lose weight. I figured it would be the fastest way to shed the pounds and I was right. I dropped 80lbs in a matter of 9-10 months and have kept it off.

Jodi: How many years have you been racing?
Michelle: My first race was in September 2009. It was a half marathon race. I kinda skipped all the distances between and decided to just run a half marathon because I thought I could. I ended up finishing in 2:04:56.

Jodi: What is your favorite distance to race and why?
Michelle: The half marathon distance is my favorite! I've only raced a couple of them but it's the most relaxing to me. 5k's are too short - I feel like I'm just getting started and the race is over. 10k's are okay but the half marathon distance is a challenge because it forces me to pace myself and I always try to finish strong.

Jodi: What is your favorite race memory?
Michelle: Crossing the finish line of my first half marathon. My goal was 2:30 and I crushed it by over 25 minutes. It was a great feeling! Also, I ran a 10km turkey trot last year with my little brother and finished in 50:02. That was a pretty proud moment as well.

Jodi: What is your least favorite race memory?
Michelle: On my last birthday in May when I turned 26, I ran a 10km race. A lot of it was in trails and if I had done more research, I would have known that. Well, I had no clue and the race was brutal. I was happy to finish and glad I did something healthy on my birthday, but next time I will do more research before deciding on a race the day before!

Jodi: What is your proudest running moment to date?
Michelle: My 20.3 mile run that I did this past Saturday. I never thought I could run that far and at a decent pace. It makes me think and believe that I can and will be a marathon runner.

Jodi: What one item do you absolutely have to have with you on a training run?
Michelle: My ipod! I generally don't bring water with me on runs less than 10miles. I know that is probably not the smartest thing to do, but I just can't be bothered. I drink a lot of water before and after my runs so I know I am well hydrated. I know a lot of people would probably say that their water bottle is a must have for training runs but for me it's music. But I do have times where I just run 'naked' - no garmin, no ipod. Just me and the road.

Jodi: What is your favorite fuel during a race?
Michelle: I generally just use lemon sports beans and lemon lime gatorade.

Jodi: What is your favorite post race snack?
Michelle: Bagel and cream cheese! Mmmm.

Jodi: Who do you admire most and why?
Michelle: There is the obvious answer of famous runners and marathoners but for me, the people I admire the most are the everyday, average runners that lace up their shoes, pound the pavement, and push through the pain. There is nothing I admire more than reading a race report of an average runner who just accomplished something they never thought they could do - like run a marathon.

Jodi: Do you have a favorite quote?
Michelle: Yes. I got this a few weeks back from Runners World and I read it all the time: Pain and suffering are often the catalysts for life's most profound lessons - Dean Karnazes.

Jodi: Finish this statement, when I run I feel___________.
Michelle: When I run, I feel FREE.

Jodi: What is your current goal?
Michelle: Seattle Marathon on November 28th 2010. I also want to complete a 50k race in 2011. Wish me luck!

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to give you a Thumbs Up Michelle! Best of luck in accomplishing your current goal. You will be great in Seattle!!

Keep running, you're simply the best and Michelle YOU inspire ME!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let's Play 20 (more like 5) Questions...

So, I have all these questions about running products. I figured I would seek advice from the wonderful world of bloggers!

1. Running skirts? Love 'em, hate 'em, loyal to a certain brand?

2. Car magnets and stickers? Prefer the magnet or the sticker? Just numbers or cool sayings?

3. Race fuel? Gu, Power Bar, Sports Beans, Clif, regular old fruit snacks? Nothing?

4. Hair stuff? Bondi Bands? TMB Endurance Bands, GIM headbands, visor, baseball cap?

5. Socks? Knee socks, short socks, no socks?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my totally random questions! Feel free to add other questions as you think of them and I will update the post with them!!

Questions added by commenters:

6. BabyWeightMyFatAss asks: Fuel belt or hand held?