Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Turkey Dash 5K

I have registered for the Turkey Dash 5K that takes place on Thanksgiving morning. The race benefits the Karen P. Nakon Breast Cancer Foundation ( I have decided to follow the Advanced 5k running program put out by Hal Higdon. The goal I am working toward is breaking my PR 5k (24:46) and possibly placing in my age group. I haven't won a medal (aside from my finisher's medals at the 1/2 Marathons this year) since high school. I figure it's worth a shot. After all, I "jogged" the Skeleton 5k last weekend and placed 5th in my age group. Of course I am most excited about getting to see friends come together for a common goal on Thanksgiving morning. Many people in my life have been affected by breast cancer and I always like to help out in anyway I can to raise money and awareness.

With all that said, I need to get back on track. I haven't run since Thursday. My Thursday run was a tempo run. It was not a good run at all. I can't blame it on lack of Ipod since I remembered it. I can't blame it on the weather as it was beautiful out. I guess I can just chalk it up to a bad day or to the fact that I had a pretty bad headache by 8:00 Thursday night. Yesterday was a scheduled day off and I was grateful for that. Today I was supposed to run 5 miles but the headache was still lingering this morning and it was raining steadily. I thought about the quote by Peter Maher: "Running is a big question mark that is there each and every day. It asks you, 'Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?" For the first time in a very long time I chose to be a wimp today. Sometimes choosing to be a wimp makes the most sense when you aren't feeling up to par. I certainly don't want to be miserable and sick and miss an entire week of training.

Here's hoping I can get back on track tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone who is going to be running a Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Silence is definitely not golden when running

So I forgot to pack my Ipod for my run today. I realized this at approximately 7:15 AM. Of course I spent the entire day stressing over how I could run without it. So I basically thought about my Ipod (or lack of) for 8 plus hours.

Keep in mind I only ran three miles today and these are all the thoughts that went through my head:

  • The words to eye of the tiger
  • Wondering if I was going to be hit by all of those falling acorns
  • Am I done yet
  • Running without an ipod sucks
  • There's no way I can run 26.2 miles without music
  • I wonder how my cousin did in the Marine Corps Marathon yesterday
  • The words to eye of the tiger (yes this is a ditto, thank you for the inspiration Rocky Balboa and everyone else who has continued to support and encourage my running.)
  • Wonder what so and so is doing
  • How can I put this into my blog
  • Wow, I didn't know I could have so many thoughts in under thirty minutes

I survived my run without my Ipod, but trust me I will NOT be running without it again anytime soon!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hello and welcome to my newly created blog! I have decided to document my training for my newest goal for 2010 which is to run the Cleveland Marathon 0n May 16, 2010. Blogging will keep me honest and on task.

This is from my fundraising page for the Cleveland 1/2 Marathon in May 2009. This is the reason I started running again and continue to run each and every day.

My life was truly blessed to have known Stephanie Lufkin. She was the sweetest little girl with an amazing smile that could light up any room. Hearing her say good morning at Glenview (my children's daycare) always made my day. Stephanie passed away unexpectedly on May 8, 2008 due to complications of ITP. On May 17, 2009, I will be running in the Cleveland 1/2 Marathon for Stephanie, for her family, and for ITP.

I am grateful to Stephanie and her family each and every day for helping me find my love for running again.

I have accomplished many goals since the 1/2 Marathon.

My statistics since May 2009:

Cleveland 1/2 Marathon (May 17, 2009): 2:07.53
Webswat 5k (June 14, 2009): 26:37
Cardinal Twilight 5k (June 27, 2009): 27:02
Smiles for Sophie 5k (July 4, 2009): 26:26
OROC 5k (August 29, 2009): 25:09
Race for the Cure 5k (September 12, 2009): 24:46.1
Peace Race 10k (October 4, 2009): 52:35
Columbus 1/2 Marathon (October 18, 2009): 1:54.14

Running has been great stress relief and a great way to drop A LOT of weight!!

This blog will document my training for the 2010 Cleveland Marathon which I will be running in honor of my friend, Deb. On May 15, 2010 it will be 10 years since she had a brain tumor removed. We are running to raise money and awareness in her name. Deb is truly amazing. She ran the Columbus 1/2 Marathon this past Sunday as well! I am so proud of her and am truly honored to run for her and her health!!

Tomorrow (one week post 1/2 marathon) I am running the Skeleton 5k with my neighbor Brenda. My goal for tomorrow is to have an enjoyable Sunday run with a great friend. No time goals for me tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy my blog and comments are always welcome.