Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eagle Run 5K Race Report

This morning was the Eagle Run 5K.  Kaelynn and I headed to the local baseball stadium for the race.  Deb called and asked me to fill out registration forms for her and Ellie since they had decided to run today as well.  With forms filled out, Deb and Elli arrived at the stadium.  We took a few pictures and headed to the start line.

The girls showing off their Bondi Bands

All Smiles

Mothers and Daughters
The race started and I planned to run with the girls.  They were doing great the first mile.  Running when they felt like it and walking when they didn't.  As we approached the 1 mile mark, Ellie started running again while Kaelynn kept walking.  I knew Deb was up in front of us so I decided Ellie would be okay to go on her own and I stayed back with Kaelynn.  After we got to the turn around I could tell Kaelynn was frustrated.  I ask her why she was upset and she said she had a cramp and couldn't run and she was disappointed because all the other kids were passing her and she knew she could do better.  Yep, once again like mother, like daughter.  I'm pretty sure I said "I'm better than this" repeatedly at the marathon.  She was near tears and very frustrated.  At this point I walked with her and explained to her that it was okay because we all have bad days.  I reminded her that I have bad days too.  Afterall, it took me almost 6 hours to finish the marathon and I know I am perfectly capable of running a marathon in 4:30.  Of course her response to this made me laugh a bit because she said "yeah mom but a marathon is 26.2 miles".  I told her I realized this but what matters is that we finish what we started.  As we were walking I further confirmed that Dave has the patience of a saint.  He walked, ran, and encouraged me for almost six hours and here I was doing the same thing with my daughter.  The only difference was we weren't even out there for an hour.  We continued on and I kept reminding Kaelynn that this was supposed to be fun and if she wasn't having fun then we shouldn't be doing it.  She mentioned again that she was having fun but she just couldn't get rid of the cramp.  As we returned to the baseball stadium grounds Kaelynn started running some more.  I mentioned to her that we were almost done and she kept going.  As we approached the finish line she spotted her friend Olivia and took off sprinting.  Yep, like mother like daughter....remember my sprint at the end of the marathon when I spotted the clock?!?  As we ran to the finish line Jenn was holding up a sign, snapping pictures, and cheering for us.

Entering the field

Rounding the corner

Down the homestretch

Nothing but air

Almost there

Finishing what we started
We grab some pizza and gatorade and walked to the car to head home.  Once we got in the car I took the opportunity to talk to Kaelynn.

Me:  Did you have fun today Kaelynn? 
Kaelynn:  I was just frustrated because I had a cramp.
Me:  You did your best and I am proud of you.  What matters most is that you had fun because if it isn't fun anymore than you shouldn't do it. 
Kaelynn:  I did have fun mom, can we do it again next year?
Me:  Absolutely, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

It's amazing what you can learn about yourself through the eyes of a child.  I had flashbacks to the marathon today and realized I CAN do it.  There is a lot to be said for an unplanned teaching lesson and I will say it mother, like daughter.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love you to the moon and back Kaelynn!  Thank you for helping me to realize I CAN and I WILL!!
I love you to the moon and back
Keep running, you're simply the best, and Kaelynn you inspire me to keep running fun!


  1. another great post, jodi! special moments with your little angel!

  2. aw, this is so sweet. And I laughed out loud at the "nothing but air" picture. :)

  3. TOO CUTE!!!!! A future marathoner. :)