Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thumbs Up Thursday...Wendy Welch

Today's Thumbs Up goes to Wendy Welch. I sent Wendy an email to let her know that I would like to blog about her today and I asked her to answser several questions in the email. She sent me a text message and let me know she got the email and wondered if she could just answer my questions on the phone. I replied and said probably if I could give her a call after 9:00 and then I asked her what time was too late to call. Her reply was: "I will be asleep! I will try and reply to your email when I get home." I told her I was impressed that she went to bed so early. Her response to that: "I try to get to bed early because I am up by 4am to beat the heat and get my run in." Did I mention Wendy lives in Florida? Wendy was kind enough to answer my questions in an email last night!

Jodi: When did you start running?
Wendy: In 2000, after I walked the entire Disney Marathon for Team in Training at 208 lbs.
Jodi: What motivated you to become a runner?
Wendy: One of my Team in Training coaches.
Jodi: When did you start racing?
Wendy: Last year.
Jodi: What is your favorite race memory?
Wendy: Running Disney again in 2006 with my best friend Julie.
Jodi: What was your favorite race course?
Wendy: Chicago!
Jodi: Can I ask how much weight you have lost?
Wendy: 80 lbs!
Jodi: What is your favorite distance to run?
Wendy: Marathon.
Jodi: How many marathons have you run?
Wendy: Six.
Jodi: What is your current goal?
Wendy: 3:59:59 at the Wineglass Marathon on October 3.
Jodi: What other fitness activities do you do?
Wendy: I LOVE lifting weights!
Jodi: If you have a blog, please give me the address so I can send people your way!
Wendy: Here is my blog which I haven't updated lately but there are some stories on it about losing weight, etc.

Wendy's before picture

Wendy's after picture

Me, Wendy, and Amby Burfoot at the Cleveland Marathon Expo

Thank you for the opportunity to give you a thumbs up Wendy! Best of luck at Wineglass on October 3rd. I am confident you will reach your goal of 3:59:59 (and qualify for Boston while you are at it)!

Keep running, you're simply the best, and Wendy, YOU inspire ME!!


  1. That is amazing. Wendy you look great and keep up the good work. I can't wait to hear that you reached your goal!!!

  2. Thanks for the Thumbs up Thursday! Wendy looks amazing! She's doing awesome and a great inspiration :)