Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Few Quick Reader Questions And Discount Codes

So, I have really been thinking about something a lot lately so I figured I would come to my wonderful bloggy friends and ask all of you what works for you.

1. When doing long runs or 1/2 marathons and marathons where/how do you carry your nutrition and hydration?

2. What do you use for your nutrition and hydration?

3. Is there a certain brand you prefer for carrying your nutrition?

I was recently reading some reviews on Spibelt (here) and became rather intrigued so I sent an email to the company to see if their product would work for me.

See, I want to be able to have my phone, some form of ID, and my nutrition fit into something. I do have pockets in my running shorts but my blackberry is just too heavy and is constantly pulling on my shorts. In the email I explained exactly what I wanted to carry and I got a response assuring me that everything would fit. They also pointed out that there is an energy spibelt which has additional loops on the belt to hold gels. The best part of the entire email was that they are currently offering a holiday discount of 15% (code is "holiday22") as well as free shipping (code is "ship09"). I figure since the shipping code is listed on their website and I have sited their website (here) it is okay to share this information with all of you!

So, please tell me how do you carry and hydrate?

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!


  1. 1. For my longer runs I usually use my fuel belt. It has 4 water bottles. Sometimes I fill one up with gatorade but usually only drink a few sips of it because it's just too sweet for me. I stick to water and gels. It has a pocket at the front where I can fit my ID, phone (If I need to bring it), and 3 or 4 gels.

    2. Water and sometimes gatorade. I like sport beans but hate having to actually stop and walk to chew them because running and chewing doesn't work well for me. I use powerbar gels (vanilla and strawberry banana)

    3. I stick to the Nathan brand when it comes to fuel belts, hand held water bottles and gel packs.

  2. 1. When training I will stash my gels so I don't have to mess with them or if I can't I stuff one in my handheld water bottle pouch. During marathons I put one in my front pocket of shorts, one in my back pocket and pin one on the inside of my shorts while either carrying or stuffing one inside my sports bra. If it's cold out I will continually rotate the next gel into my bra to warm up before I take it. I gel every 5 miles up to 20. Then I'll snack on sports beans or fruit on the course around miles 22-24.

    2. I use PowerBar Gels and Sport Beans for nutrition. For hydration I usually stick primarily to H2O only but during the hot summer I'll mix it up with Coconut Water (high in potassium) or put a half of a Nuun tablet in one of my waters.

    3. I have a Spibelt and have used it many times for training runs as well as during races including my first marathon. It is very convenient but for me I could never quite get it to sit properly. It was always bobbing around and I finally got to the point where it was just too annoying to me and I figured out ways to stash what I needed on me instead. (For ID I have my RoadID on my shoe.)

  3. I carry my own, have different Nathan products-hand held, 2 bottles and 4 bottles. For most long run I use the 4 bottles and put different things in it. I use Hammer Nutrition products and also Gu gels. For HM & M I prefer to carry my own nutrition so I can bypass the first couple of water stops which are normally pretty crowdy.

  4. I always carry my own nutrition on long runs. I use a Nathan fuel belt (http://www.amazon.com/Nathan-Mutation-10-Ounce-Nutrition-Flasks/dp/B0017T1HEG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=sporting-goods&qid=1289407250&sr=8-2) and I love it. It easily stores my blackberry, 2 Gus, a $20, and my ID. The bottles hold 20 oz. of water (but you can buy belts that hold more than that). It's a little pricey but totally worth it.

  5. Hi Jodi - the folks at Spibelt are great, (based right here in good old Austin, TX) - I'll actually be having a giveaway on Friday for a free spibelt - which is pretty cool.

    That said, I run my 12+ mile training runs with my 4 bottle Nathan fuel belt. It has a pouch in the back for gels and a small one up front for an ID .... but it is definitely heavy for racing.

    I'll be using the course for water at Austin in February, and a spibelt for my Clif Bloks - I do like to carry my own water - but for this race, I need to shed that 30-40 oz. weight to chase my race goals ....