Thursday, November 11, 2010

Are You Okay? Where's Your Bone Tail?

This afternoon I decided to pick Kaelynn up first and take her shopping for some new jeans. I swear the child got taller while she was sleeping! We headed to the Justice that was close to Second Sole where my new running shoes were on hold. I figured we could get twice as much accomplished by doing all of our shopping in the same area. Boy was I wrong. Kaelynn tried on several pair of jeans and of course was heart broken because they didn't have her size in the one pair she really liked. I told Kaelynn we would stop by the running store to pick up my shoes and then we would stop at the other Justice that was closer to Grant's preschool. She was a bit annoyed that we had to stop and get my shoes. She pointed out that the running store was boring and there were no treats there. So with a promise of being speedy quick we headed into the store and I grabbed these beauties!

As I was getting ready to pay, I looked down and realized they had my favorite flavor of Carb Boom again! I was thrilled! Yes, I really did buy six packages. I was also ecstatic when the sales associate told me that they would in fact still carry all flavors of Carb Boom.

As I was about to finish paying, Kaelynn realized that there were in fact treats at the running store. She loves Clif Kid Organic Twisted Fruit! She asked if she could have two since she had been so patient. She picked grape and strawberry and ate them before we got to the second Justice!

Once we found a parking spot we headed into the store and I was thrilled to find the one pair she liked in her size.

She proceeded to try on 10 different pair of jeans and not one single pair fit her. She was extremely disappointed but was happy when I let her get a shirt as well.

We ended up leaving with the jeans, the shirt, a new pair of earrings, and a peace headband that matched the shirt. Boy was I happy that I had a 40% off coupon! Once we finally headed to Grant's daycare it was dark. When I walked into his classroom, the Director of the preschool said "are you okay?" I told her I was fine and she said "we were just worried about you because it isn't like you to be much past 4:30 in the afternoon." I explained to her where I had been and apologized for not calling to which she said "Oh, it's perfectly fine. Girl time is definitely needed. We were just worried you were out running and had gotten hurt. We are so glad you are okay!" After I finished my conversation with the Director, Grant walked up to me and said "mom, we shouldn't be at school it is dark out."

As we were driving home, I asked the kids what they wanted for dinner. I was very proud when they picked Subway because they wanted to "eat healthy" (their words). We had the best discussion while sitting at the table enjoying our delicious sandwiches. Grant said he knew where his quadricep and hamstring were because he learned it in Stretch 'N Grow today. I took the bait.
Me: Grant where's your hamstring?
Grant: Right here (pointing to his hamstring).
Me: Grant where's your quadricep?
Grant: Right here (pointing to his quadricep).
At this point I decide I'm going to challenge him.
Me: Grant where's your tricep?
Grant: Right here (pointing right to his tricep).
Me: Grant where's your bicep?
Grant: Right here (pointing right to his bicep).
At this point Kaelynn chimes in.
Kaelynn: Grant where's your tailbone?
Grant: Right here (pointing to his hip).
Kaelynn: No Grant it's right here (pointing to her tailbone).
Grant: Mom, where's your bone tail again?
Me: (laughing hystericallly) you mean your tailbone Grant?
Grant: Yeah, your bone tail.
Me: It's right here Grant (pointing to my tailbone).
Grant: Okay, can we go home now?
Me: Sure, let's go guys.

It was quite an entertaining dinner! We headed home and played a mean game of I Spy Eagle Eye which the kids picked over watching tv. Healthy food and mind challenging board games over fast food and tv! I love it!!

Keep running, you're simply the best and you inspire me!!


  1. Aw, what a great story!! It sounds like you are a wonderful Mom and raising them the right way :)

  2. Awww... your kids are too cute!! :)
    Love the blog! :)

  3. bone tail - that's so cute! And awesome clothes for your daughter, my daughter loves Justice too! Enjoy the new running shoes! I haven't tried carb-booms, you must like them better than Shotbloks?

  4. I have 4 girls so I can only IMAGINE what our shopping trips will be like in 5 years or so (my oldest is only 10) =)
    Love the conversation w/ your kiddos =)
    I'm a follower now!

  5. @Kim- Ahh thank you for such a sweet comment about my parenting. I really appreciate it.

    @Lindsey- thanks! I think they are pretty cute too but I am partial. So glad you visited my blog. I added yours to my blog roll!

    @Connie- thanks! As for the carb boom, I found it after I went down at Cleveland. I realized that the sports beans and shot blocks weren't getting in my system fast enough and I wasn't eating enough of them so I wanted to find a quick fix but carb boom is pretty much the only gel I have had luck with. I have tried hammer gel but I can only do orange. I also just recently purchased power bar gels and blasts to try soon. I will keep you posted!

    @rawbanana- Thanks! So glad to have you here! I will be adding your blog to my blog roll in a few minutes!