Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thumbs Up Thursday...Tina Wasserbauer

About a month ago I emailed Tina and asked her if she would be willing to participate in Thumbs Up Thursday. At the time she had just returned from vacation and felt she needed to get back on track before she agreed to be spotlighted. Fast forward to this week and I commented on how good she looked in her profile picture on Facebook and asked her if she would be willing to do Thumbs Up Thursday for this week and she happily agreed!

Jodi: How long have you been exercising?
Tina: Since January 25, 2010.

Jodi: Why did you start exercising?
Tina: So many reasons, I reached the age my mom was when she developed diabetes, the start of heart disease and high blood pressure. I had genetics and my weight going against me and knew I had to do something about it, but that wasn't enough to get my butt in gear! What did get my butt in gear was my family went skiing in January and I felt too heavy and out of shape to even try a lesson, so I sat in the lodge and missed the whole day with my boys. I got very angry with myself when I realized that my insecurities and weight were holding me back. When I looked around the lodge where I was waiting, there were several overweight moms, and I was one of them! I had a light bulb moment, I didn't want to be an overweight "lodge mom" and I started working out the day we got back from our trip, and never looked back!

Jodi: What is your typical exercise routine?
Tina: Currently I go 4 nights a week to the rec where I do 60 minutes on the Arc trainer or 60 minutes on the elliptical, followed by a round on the Cybex machines, concentrating on my arms and abs. I also incorporate the Bosu ball and stability ball into my workout. I meet with a personal trainer once a week for an hour and he shows me core strengthening and upper body exercises.

Jodi: When you don't feel like doing a workout, what motivates you to go and do it anyway?
Tina: I just look at my driver's license picture and I run out of the house!

Jodi: What is your favorite exercise memory?
Tina: When I first started in January the only thing I could do was the treadmill for about 10 minutes, after which I had to drag myself to my car! One night I made it to a half hour on the treadmill, I knew then that I had turned a corner and I never stopped, I just kept increasing the duration and intensity and now I'm on the hardest cardio machine in the gym (Arc), for the maximum number of minutes....very gratifying!

Jodi: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far from working out and eating right?
Tina: While it does wonders for my body, energy level, spirit and self esteem, it is tough on my wallet because all I want to do is shop for new clothes!!!

Jodi: What is your biggest weakness when it comes to food?
Tina: Starbucks iced peppermint mocha and Taco Bell.

Jodi: What is your favorite snack?
Tina: Now, 2 tablespoons Smucker's natural organic chunky peanut butter and 8 ounces organic skim milk. When I was overweight, half a box of Cheez-its and Chardonnay.

Jodi: What is your proudest moment to date?
Tina: Buying a size medium belt at a "normal" clothing store!!!!

Jodi: Finish this statement, when I finish a workout I feel ________.
Tina: Full of energy, alive, proud and excited!

Jodi: Do you have a favorite quote?
Tina: Excellence can be achieved if you:
Care more than others think wise...
Risk more than others think is safe...
Dream more than others think practical...
Expect more than others think possible.

Jodi: Who do you admire most and why?
Tina: My mom, she's been through so much and yet she still keeps fighting.

Jodi: What would you say to someone who really wants to start exercising to motivate them?
Tina: A half hour a day can add years to your life and life to your years!

Jodi: What is your current goal?
Tina: To remain healthy, focused and committed to an active lifestyle.

Tina before

Tina after
When Tina emailed me her before and after pictures she included the following note:
People tell me my weight loss is most evident in my face, I think (hope) you'll agree! Since January I went from a size 18 to 14 (sometimes smaller!!) And you continue to inspire me!!! Hugs and let me know when this goes up!
To this I say, keep running and exercising, you're simply the best, and Tina YOU inspire ME!!


  1. Good for you, Tina! I always smile when I read about someone who takes charge of their health and well-being, and doesn't let weight hold them back from doing the things they want in life.

  2. Fantastic profile! Tina, you look so much healthier and happier - just radiant! It's so awesome how our bodies adapt and get us to where we want to go -the key is the wanting!

  3. Wow Tina!! You look great. Keep up the good work. How inspiring!!!