Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day...

Yesterday they were calling for a Winter Storm in our area and my staff was hoping for a snow day today. I had spoken with my boss in the afternoon and he said it wasn't likely and if anything it wouldn't be until Wednesday that school would be called. With this in mind I chose to maintain my regular weekday routine of getting up early and running. I headed to the Y around 4:45AM. I was very thankful that I only live about 5 minutes away and that my neighbor had plowed my driveway! The streets in my development were a drifted mess and once I got on the main road it was pretty much more of the same. I made it safely to the Y and headed up to the track to get my tempo run in. I did notice that a lot of the "regulars" were not there this morning. Maybe they were shoveling their driveways or just didn't feel the need to head out in the elements. I ran my warm up mile in 9:00 and it felt pretty good and was able to follow the first mile up with tempo miles of 8:07 and 7:55 respectively. Not too shabby! I had spent less than 30 minutes at the Y and when I walked out to my car it was completely snow covered. Started to head home and the roads weren't any better and my thoughts drifted toward the possibility of a snow day. I made it safely back home and started to get ready for work when one of my employees called and said she had just gotten a text message from the local television station letting her know that our district was cancelled. I was quite shocked since I hadn't received a phone call from my boss yet. One second after this my phone rang however it was my daughter's school district calling school. She woke up and said no school for Avon, yeah and then she yelled down to her dad and said I don't have to get dressed because it's a snow day! I told my employee I would find out what was going on and call her right back. So the conversation with my boss went something like this:
Boss: Jodi, why are you calling me?
Me: Well I had an employee call to verify that we were cancelled because she had gotten a text message and I hadn't received a call yet.
Boss: I just called school 5 minutes ago and I was getting ready to call you.
Me: Oh, okay well I don't have any deliveries today so I don't need to come in.
Boss: You lucky dog!
Me: I know and it's a good thing because my kids don't have school today either.

So, even though I didn't have to get up at the crack of early today I am so glad I did because my workout was complete before 5:30AM and now I get to spend the day hanging out with my kids and not worrying about whether or not my marathon training would get put on hold today. Now the question is whether or not we will have school tomorrow since they are calling for an ice storm later today. In the end I will most likely get up and head to the Y again to get the workout in and then it will just be an added bonus if I get tomorrow off as well.

So do tell, do you drive in crazy weather to hit the gym?

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!


  1. We didn't have a snow day today but I'm guessing we'll have another one tomorrow. I am SO over this weather! Seriously!!! I am still planning to go to the gym after work though!

  2. I don't usually drive to get to where I work out. If I had to, I'd probably chicken out. For someone who has lived in northern Michigan all her life and now lives in northern Minnesota, I am a total chicken when it comes to winter driving. We're signing up for a Y membership on Friday, and I'm so glad it's only 6 blocks from my apartment so I can walk there!
    Great job on the tempo miles!

  3. so glad you got your workout in!! thankfully I dont have to drive anywhere....now that I have a treadmill!!!! Thanks for commenting on my posts and the Pie IS divine (yes, pie is now a proper noun) =)