Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reflections of 2010 and Goals for 2011

2010 was a year filled with many great adventures! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I give you the year 2010 in photos!!

January 16, 2010- Grandma turns 80!

January 31, 2010- my first marathon training long was cold!!

February 14, 2010- my 14 miler next to a frozen Lake Erie!

February 26, 2010- Awards Ceremony...see I'm not always in running clothes!!

March 7, 2010- Cuz Michele and I run the Mill Creek 1/2 Marathon....we coined it the "worst course ever".

April 18, 2010- Cuz Michele and I finish our longest training run before the marathon...22.2 miles!!

May 16, 2010- Curing Chordoma one mile at a time! The Cleveland Marathon!!

Deb's our survivor! 10 years tumor free!

My first ever DNF (did not finish).

June 20, 2010- Girls With Sole 5K-- my comeback race. Landed myself a 3rd place age group award!!

July 4, 2010- Smiles For Sophie 5K

August 1, 2010- The Chicago Rock 'N Roll 1/2 Marathon. Enjoyed a great girl's weekend and got to meet up with a few amazing bloggie friends!!

August 14, 2010- Family Reunion- see I told you I don't always wear running clothes!!

August 21, 2010- Run With the Big Dogs 5K- Battling my brother for the family championship. He still wears the belt.

September 12, 2010- The River Run 1/2 Marathon- I managed to pace Jenn to a killer PR! She was a rock star that day!!!

September 25, 2010- Voice for Recovery 5K- I set a new PR, got 1st in my age group, and placed 3rd female overall!!

October 17, 2010- The Detroit Free Press 1/2 Marathon- I set a 3 minute PR thanks to the fine training schedule created for me by Joe!! Thanks again Joe!!

October 24, 2010- Skeleton Run 5K- I placed 2nd in my age group while running in full costume.
November 21, 2010- Jenn and I ran the Cleveland Fall Classic 1/2 Marathon for fun! We met Angie along the way!
November 24, 2010- Visited Christmas Land and Family in PA. I didn't run a single step the entire week and I wouldn't change it for the world!!

November 27, 2010- The kids and I went to Ford Field to watch our cousin in the high school state championships! We got to see family we rarely get to see, including one of my favorite cousins, Trinity!!

December 4, 2010- Jenn, Kaelynn, and I did the Reindeer Run 5K and had a blast!!

December 24, 2010- We had 23 family and friends over to end 2010 on a fantastic note!!

Looking ahead to 2011! Marathon training starts in 9 days and I am very excited!!
2011 Goals
1. Cross the finish line of the 2011 Cleveland Marathon upright and smiling with a little help from my friends.
2. Run a minimum of two half marathons.
3. Cross train once a week.
4. Do a jump rope work out once a week.
5. Run 1,500 miles.
I may add more goals as the year progresses but as of right now these are my top 5!
Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!


  1. Great goals, Jodi!! Awesome job!

  2. WOW! Jodi you've had quite a year! Take a lick'n and you keep on kick'n! Great job.

  3. Looks like you had an amazing year!! I am SO EXCITED to follow your marathon training and for your to kick that Marathon's booty!! Happy New Year!!

  4. Man Jodi - it really hits home seeing all the photos from the last year. You really had a tremendous 2010 with an even bigger 2011 on the horizon.

    Happy New Year Jodi to you and the family. Rock that long run tomorrow!

  5. A great year, and I loved following it! You will OWN Cleveland this year! =)

  6. @Mallory- thanks so much for all of your kind comments! Looking forward to achieving those goals!
    @Maggie- thanks so much for the kind they say "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger".
    @Kim- thanks so much! So glad we have gotten to know each other.
    @Joe- how do I even begin to thank you for all of your support...from finishing off my marathon on your rest day no less to creating an eight week training plan that got me to the starting line of the Detroit 1/2 healthy and let me crush my PR by 3 minutes! You sir are a true friend! Looking forward to Austin!
    @Courtney- thanks so much Courtney! Looking forward to following your 2011 training!

  7. Excellent work, Jodi! I look forward to reading about your progress in 2011, too! Happy New Year!