Sunday, January 23, 2011

Marathon Training Week 2...Mission Accomplished

Today's 10 mile run brought week two of marathon training to an end. Overall, I had another great week! Let's hope there are 16 more great weeks ahead of me!

Monday- My favorite day of marathon training because it's a rest day. Of course we didn't have school on Monday so I didn't get any weight training (in the form of putting delivery trucks away) in.

Tuesday- My alarm went off at 4:30 AM for my 3 mile tempo run at the Y. Felt really good and enjoyed the run.

Wednesday- Once again the alarm sounded at 4:30 AM. Nice easy 5 mile run at the Y. Although, I didn't get the memo that it was "wear red to workout" day. It really was quite an entertaining conversation. You can read about it here. I loved the comments on my post that day! Everyone had such great perspectives on the issue! When I got to work a delivery truck was already there so I had a nice bonus session of "weight training" at 7 AM!

Thursday- For the third day in a row my alarm sounded at 4:30 AM. My brother stayed with us Wednesday night because he had a meeting on Thursday and our house was closer to his destination. After I woke him up and got him organized I headed down to the treadmill for my "hill" workout. 3 miles with two .25 mile "hills" mixed in. I was watching the end of The Bucket List and I had some trouble breathing during the cool down mile because the end of the movie is sad and I was trying not to cry. I wonder if watching sad movies while running is the key to oxygen deprivation training. LOL

Friday- Nice day of cross training. 30 minutes (2.5 miles) on the elliptical and 15 minutes of rope skipping!

Saturday- Headed down to the treadmill and ran a nice easy 5 miles while watching Fever Pitch.

Sunday- Last night the weather was calling for 12 degrees (feels like -3) for Jenn and I's 10 mile run today. Jenn texted me last night to see if I would rather run at 1:30PM instead of 6:45AM since it was going to be so cold. I had to text her back and tell her that it would have to be 6:45AM due to my schedule today. I didn't get to sleep until after 11:00 last night and when my alarm went off at 5:30AM I pressed snooze. I really wanted to stay in bed under the nice warm covers but I forced myself to get up because Jenn was counting on me to be there. I am so glad that Jenn and I do our long runs together because if I was running on my own today I would have gone back to sleep and would have had to force myself to get my 10 miles in on the treadmill later today. In the end, the weather wasn't all that bad. Once we got started we warmed up rather quickly. In fact Jenn took a layer off around mile 1. We had a great run today and managed to run 10:35 pace. Such a difference compared to our "lead leg" 11:26 pace 9 miler last Sunday.

Next week is a bit of a step back week. Jenn and I only have a 7 miler on tap for next Sunday. It's going to be so weird to be done so quickly. I have a feeling we are going to want to run further. However, we are two very smart women and we know well enough to respect the training!

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!


  1. It must be so nice to have a friend to run with!! Great run today...I thought about you both as I was on my run at the exact same time :)

  2. I am going to add 'hills' to my next treadmill workout. I had NEVER even thought to do that before my 'mill workout this morning. ANYTHING to change up the monotony!! =) Great job on your long run!