Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's All About The Shoes

Yesterday I was experiencing calf pain. I figured it was the after affects of my long run from Sunday but then I got to thinking. My thoughts were about my mileage. More specifically, my shoe mileage. I looked up my total miles run on my shoes and the number was 482. I did several races this summer and fall with said shoes. I had purchased new shoes back in January but hadn't switched them out yet. I decided to switch out my shoes last night since today was just a three mile run and I figured that would be a good distance for "shoe breaking in". I was thrilled to see the sun shining after work. I put on my new shoes and off I went. It was a good three mile run with decent splits.
Mile 1-- 8:33
Mile 2-- 8:34
Mile 3-- 8:22
Total-- 25:32
My legs were heavy but my calf didn't hurt at all. I really do believe it was all about the shoes. It was due time to retire my old pair to walking shoes. I am thinking the heavy legs had to do with the great 10 mile run I had on Sunday.

I leave you with some pictures of my old and new shoes. It appears I am really hard on my shoes. The tread is pretty much gone on my old ones.

Old Shoes
New Shoes
Old Shoe Tread

New Shoe Thread
Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

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