Sunday, February 7, 2010

First and Ten Do It Again

Okay, the title for today's post is my lame attempt at a Superbowl (cheerleading) pun for today's ten mile run! Afterall, today was my second 10 miler for my long run since I started training in January.

I woke up around 8 AM and was pleasantly surprised to realize I didn't have any muscle soreness from yesterday's stairclimb! Once I realized my muscles weren't angry with me I decided to look outside and assess the weather. It appeared to look like a good day for an outside run. I decided to wait for the sun to come out and the temperature to go up a bit before I headed out. While waiting I enjoyed a few cups of coffee and a bagel. I headed out for my run around 11 AM.

My first mile was 9:54. This didn't surprise me at all since my development was a wet, slushy mess. Once I got onto the main roads, I was in the clear and I got into my groove.

Mile 2 9:27
Mile 3 9:26
Mile 4 9:11
Mile 5 9:17
Mile 6 9:16
Mile 7 9:33 (Spent this mile dodging snow drifts and drivers that wouldn't move over)
Mile 8 9:20
Mile 9 9:20
Mile 10 8:59 (repeat of mile one except the sun had melted the slushy mess in my development)

Time 1:33
Avg mile 9:18

The one problem I encountered today was with my hands. My hands were actually red and numb when I finished my run today. It was painful when I walked into the house and the heat hit them. I did wear my underarmour fleece gloves but I guess they didn't do the job today. Anyone have any suggestions in this area? The rest of my body was fine temperature wise.

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!


  1. Way to go on the miles! I do not have any suggestions, I am a big baby and I just run on the treadmill if it is too cold :(

  2. Hi Jodi! Try wearing mittens instead - my hands always get cold and only mittens help for some reason. How is your training going? Good luck on your run today!

  3. Thank you Connie! I ended up wearing my husband's underarmour gloves (the spandex material ones not the fleece) and they were a little big on my hands and they worked very well. Where do you find mittens to fit? Training is going okay. Yesterday's run was long but good.