Friday, September 30, 2011

September in Review

My September training has officiallly come to a close.  I had a lot of ups and downs during the month of September.  At the end of August I started struggling with calf problems on my first 20 miler.  Things started to look up a bit when I ran an unintentional half marathon and my 1,000th mile for the year here.  The excitement was short lived as the calf pain returned during my second 20 miler on September 11.  During this run I had to walk quite a few times and call it quits at 20 instead of the intended 21 that day.  Fast forward to the Rock and Roll Philly 1/2 Marathon and things started to look up again.  I managed to run a sub-2hr half and feel pretty good until mile 11.5 when I started having calf pain and a major chafing issue.  All things considered it was a really good run and a great time with friends.  You can read about it here.  The week after Philly I only clocked 9 milers between Monday and Saturday and I went into last Sunday's run wanting my final 20 miler of the training cycle to be awesome.  I am happy to report it was all I hoped for and more.  See for yourself here.

September 2011 Stats
115.29-- running miles
0-- elliptical miles
0-- bike miles
0-- spinning class miles
115.29-- total miles
0 minutes-- rope skipping
156-- weight as of September 30, 2011

Current 2011 Stats
1107.51-- running miles
17.8-- elliptical miles
15.86-- bike miles
55.8-- spinning class miles
1196.97-- total miles
1 hour and 55 minutes-- rope skipping

All things considered September was successful.  Two weeks from this Sunday I will be standing at the starting line of the 2011 Columbus Marathon with the goal of running sub-4:15.  Hello my friend taper, I have missed you!!

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!


  1. Great month chica!!! Life happens and you can't sweat it when you miss workouts, just rearrange and keep on, keeping on! Enjoy the taper!

  2. Yeah I'm tapering right now and I've so missed it too! Good luck in columbus

  3. Great month aside from your cranky calf!!! 2 exciting!!! I hope these next two weeks find you healthy and rested....ready to rock Chicago!!!

  4. Another awesome month! Enjoy the taper & don't catch taper madness! Can't wait until you kick that 26.2's butt!