Monday, September 5, 2011

1,000 Miles and a 1/2 Marathon

I knew going into Sunday's long run that I would in fact run my 1,000th mile in 2011.  The plan was to meet Deb and Missi at 5:45AM so I could join them for the first 12 miles of their 19 mile run.  I wasn't feeling it on Saturday so I decided to take a second rest day in the hopes that my calf muscle would benefit from a little extra rest.  I pressed snooze I few times Sunday morning but felt pretty good overall when I woke up and fortunately the calf seemed to be happy with the extra rest.  I met up with Deb and Missi and we headed out on our run.  We ended up running on the road on the way out because the sun hadn't come up yet and the trail was very dark.  Around mile three we were having a serious conversation and I said: "on a much lighter note I just ran my 1,000th mile in 2011."  There was no fan fare, balloons, or parties.  A simple good job and yeah from Deb and Missi and we kept on running!  It was nice to be running with others when I hit the 1,000 milestone!
We eventually moved to the trail when the sun came up.  Once we hit six miles we turned around so that Deb and Missi could drop me off after my 12 miles and they could head back out for their final 7 miles.  I believe it was around mile 8 on my watch that I started questioning how far I would actually be running as I noticed we were by the golf course that is approximately 5 miles away from where we park.  As we continued on and hit Hogsback hill (my hill repeat hill) I knew I would be running 13 miles.  I told the girls I wasn't complaining but I would be running 13 miles.  Missi mentioned that she had figured that out as well.  Once we got back to the parking lot I was in fact at 13 miles.  If your going to run 13 miles why not add the .1!  So as I say what's another 1.1 miles in the grand scheme of things?!  So I ran an unintentional 1/2 marathon on Sunday and felt great!!

With Sunday's long run complete we are one step closer to the Columbus Marathon!!

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inpsire me!!


  1. Congratulations on hitting 1000 miles so far this year! That is truly inspirational!

  2. 1,000 miles? Wow! Hm, never thought about tallying up mine. And since I haven't written all of them down...guess I will have to start next year!

  3. WOW 1,000 miles AWESOME JOB!!!!!

  4. CONGRATS! That's an awesome milestone. :)