Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reindeer Run 5K Race Report

Woke up Saturday morning and put on the cold weather running gear and then went into Kaelynn's room to help her and the following conversation took place.
Me: Make sure you put your long johns underneath your running outfit.
Kaelynn: Mom, it's just not comfortable. It hurts me. It doesn't feel right.
Me: Kaelynn it is cold out you have to wear your long johns.
Kaelynn: But mom it's not fair, you don't have to wear anything under your running outfit.
Me: Actually I have my Underarmour tights on underneath these pants.
Kaelynn: But mom yours are comfortable and cool. Mine aren't cool.
Me: Just put them on we need to get to the race.
Kaelynn: Fine!

After she finally gets dressed and ready we head out to drop off Grant at a friend's house. I get on the highway with my directions in hand and follow them exactly. Only problem is the road I need to get on is closed. I call Jenn (here) in a panic explaining to her that I am lost. She is using the GPS in her van to help me as well as her I-phone. I am feeling terrible because I have her bib and jingle bells with me because I did packet pick up for everyone on Friday night. I end up getting lost two more times and making two loops in the same area while apologizing to Jenn over and over again. Once we finally park and Kaelynn and I start running to the start line we see the race has already started. We catch up to Jenn and we all run back to the start line to register our shoe tags. I apologize to Jenn yet again and she tells me not to worry about it. I also tell Jenn to feel free to run ahead of Kaelynn and I and we will see her at the finish but she decides she is going to stay with us! Awesome! This is going to be a fun run/walk today! Jenn and I also had a chance to talk a little bit about our upcoming marathon training as well!

In true Kaelynn form she sprints for awhile then stops and walks for a bit. She pretty much does this most of the race. Jenn attempts to get a picture of Kaelynn and I running together and after many tries she finally succeeds!
After this photo I decide I am going to attempt to get a few pictures of Kaelynn running. Only problem was that I would run ahead and then Kaelynn would sprint up on me before I could snap the picture. I was successful eventually.

Shortly after these photos are taken I point out to Kaelynn that the lead runner is heading back on the course. She seems less than impressed by his speed. Although, I give her credit for her intelligence because she is quick to come up with the following statement: "Hey mom, can we just cut over and head back to the finish". Of course I said no. I reminded her that would be cheating and her response was: "I know mom". We finally hit the 1 mile marker. Jenn points out to Kaelynn that we only have 2 miles to go. Ironically at that very moment Kaelynn points to the ground and says: "I wish the finish line was right here".

Two seconds after this she decides she is thirsty and starts asking if there is water on the course. We see it up ahead and she is very happy. She grabs a cup of water and acts like she is going to dump it on her head and Jenn and I yell no in unison! Kaelynn was just kidding of course, phew! See how happy water makes her?
Right after I took this picture, the water stop volunteer offered to take a picture of all of us.
During the last mile of the race Kaelynn kept asking for a popsicle. Jenn and I found it very comical since it was really cold out! I told her she was crazy and that perhaps hot chocolate would be the better choice. We finally got to three tenths of a mile left to go and Kaelynn started jogging again. She was slowing down and wanted to stop but Jenn and I encouraged her to run it through to the finish and we all crossed the line running together in 44:27.
Kaelynn and I went into the pavilion after the race while Jenn used the restroom. I ran into Connie (here) so I took a minute to introduce Kaelynn to her. Connie did a great job and took home second place in her age group! Way to go Connie. Kaelynn and I headed back out to talk to Jenn and this is when we discovered she had lost her key fab to her van. Unfortunately, the porta-potty found it. Jenn called her hubby to rescue her. In the meantime Jenn walked back to the truck with Kaelynn and I so she could grab her race t-shirt. As we are walking Kaelynn decides she is going to wait for the bus to take her to the truck because her legs hurt and it's just to far to walk.

We finally get back to the truck so Jenn can grab her shirt and we head our separate ways. Of course in true Jodi fashion I get lost yet again! I sent Jenn a message about that one and she had a good laugh! Finally heading in the right direction Kaelynn starts yet another conversation with me.
Kaelynn: Mom, are you upset that I didn't run the whole way?
Me: Not at all Kaelynn. What matters is that you finished it.
Kaelynn: I couldn't run the whole time because I had to go to the restroom.
Me: Why didn't you tell me?
Kaelynn: Mom, there were no restrooms out there!
Me: Good point. Did you have fun?
Kaelynn: Yes!
Me: Did this make up for the Gobble Wobble?
Kaelynn: Yep! Can I have hot chocolate AND Subway?
Me: Why don't you pick one? We only have a little bit of time because you have ice skating lessons.
Kaelynn: But mom, it's such a hard decision because I love Caribou's hot chocolate and I really like the subs at Subway.
Me: Okay, we can do both quickly but we will have to leave free skate early.
Kaelynn: Ok, thank you.
It was definitely a FUN run!!
Oh, I bet you are all wondering if she ever got her popsicle.....she did not have a popsicle but she did have a slushie at the ice skating rink.
Keep running, you're simply the best, and Kaelynn you certainly inspire me to RUN FOR FUN!!


  1. Congrats to Kaelynn on a great 5k! She is too cute and you are great running momma!

  2. Oh my gosh... I am smiling reading this. She's so cute! Congrats on a great 5k!

  3. What an enjoyable event! Great Mommy/Daughter time, I envy you. Great Job~

  4. Jodi - I don't think I've ever laughed so much reading a race report .... I'm thinking that at Landry's first 5K I'll run the slowest I have ever run in a race and still wish that it took longer .... such a great day you two had.

    Great stuff Jodi - you have given me so much to look forward to. Now, when she's in the stroller however, I'm still going to be out there crushing!

    Best to you and Kaelynn - she is adorable.

  5. Kaelynn sounds so adorable - such personality!
    Congrats to her for finishing her race ... and congrats to you for eventually finding the race so she could run in it! ;)