Thursday, April 29, 2010

April in Review

Today's 3.5 mile run brought my April training to a close. The weather was perfect and it was a very enjoyable run!

April Stats

120.6-- running miles
0-- elliptical miles
5.1-- bike miles
125.7-- total miles
40*-- coldest outdoor run (22.2 miler)
83*-- warmest outdoor run (4.97 miler)
148.6-- weight as of April 29, 2010 (down 3.2 pounds since March 31, 2010)

Current 2010 Stats

414.38-- running miles
50.9-- elliptical miles
5.1-- bike miles
470.38-- total miles

I am very pleased with my April training. The kids and I are heading to PA tomorrow. I will be spending tomorrow night with my family and then heading to Cuz Michele's on Saturday. Once I am in town we will head over to the expo to pick up our race packets and listen to Meb speak. We will follow the expo up with carb loading of course. Sunday morning we will toe the line at the Pittsburgh 1/2 Marathon where I will be running as a St. Jude's hero in memory and honor of Sophie Quayle.

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

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