Friday, April 9, 2010

18 miles of scattered rain, snow, and hail

Due to this week being spring break I had to alter my training schedule to accommodate time restraints which meant I would need to complete my long run today instead of Sunday. Thankfully, the kids' great grandma came over to play with them while I headed out for my 18 miler this morning.

After several days of gorgeous weather, I woke to 39* and a rain/snow mix. To say I was not looking forward to going out in the elements is an understatement, but with the kids taken care of I laced up my shoes and headed out the door for three 5 mile loops and one 3 mile loop.

Miles 0-5 (loop one)
Weather: snow/rain mix

Miles 5-10 (loop two)
Weather: snow/rain/light hail mix

Miles 10-15 (loop three)
Weather: snow/heavy, painful right in the face hail

Miles 15-18 (loop four)
Weather: painful right in the face hail/insanely strong winds

After the third loop I seriously contemplated finishing the final three miles on the treadmill, but I was already cold and wet so I trudged on and completed all 18 miles with a time of 2:49:36 (9:25/mile). I stopped by the house after each loop for water. I also ate some sports beans around mile 9 and that seemed to give me a little more energy which showed in loop three's time. Overall it was a pretty decent long run. I am thankful it is complete and I am now watching "Princess Protection Program" with my kids and staying warm.

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!


  1. Great job Jodi. I waited till later in the day to run! Your pace is awesome- you are going to rock the marathon!

  2. Thanks Connie. I am really sore today (down to the tops of my's weird). I am seriously considering sticking my feet in a bucket of bad is that? I can't believe you are so close to Boston! You are going to be great!!

  3. Ice bath will work wonders. Don't be afraid of it. Great job on the long run!!!!

  4. Way to go!!! What a great time too :) Have a wonderful week!