Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How Jodi got her groove back....

My name isn't Stella but I am going to use the altered movie title anyway :). Two simple words explain how I got my groove back: rest day!! It was certainly obvious to me today that yesterday's rest day was just what I needed. I headed out for a nice three mile run after work and imagine my surprise when my legs were actually turning over at a decent pace. Today's run made me realize how important rest days are and that if we continually push ourselves we will eventually breakdown in one form or another. For me it was both a physical and emotional breakdown. The physical part reared its ugly head in the form of a sore throat and "lead" legs. The emotional part was the fact that I was miserable, mentally, the entire run and couldn't believe how awful it was and how glad I was to just be done with it. I still have the sore throat and I have been fighting a headache all day but I am starting to feel much better and am thankful for the sunshine today. Speaking of sunshine, why is it so hard to decide what to wear to run in this time of year? Take today for example. I check weather.com right before I change for my workout. Current temperature: 45*. Feels like temperature: 39*. Okay, 39* isn't exactly warm so I decide to go with long pants, a light weight long sleeve shirt, and a light weight windbreaker. I was cold when I started running but was almost too hot by the end. So I will leave you with this question: "How do you decide what to wear?"

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!


  1. Hi Jodi! Thanks for your comments yesterday - it helped so much! I just finished 20 this morning - whew! One more to go, and then it's time to taper, and rest my legs! I'm also really glad tomorrow is a day off - we definitely all need those rest days. How is your week going? The weather has been so beautiful, its just amazing. Have a great weekend! :) Oh - and I NEVER wear the right thing, so I dress in layers, and remove what I have to. And drop it back at home or tie it around my waist!

  2. My week has gone pretty well considering I have been fighting a sore throat all week. I was able to get all of my running in. I am grateful today is a rest day (well supposed to be cross training but I just don't feel the best, so much so that I am heading up to bed soon to see if I just need some sleep1) Hopefully that works because I have a 15 miler ahead of me on Sunday...yikes!!