Saturday, January 7, 2012

So Far So Good

I recently read a post that Amanda from Get to Goal (here) did and I really liked the format of it so I'm going to go ahead and snag part of her idea from her and use it today!  Thanks Amanda for the inspiration!  :)

Where to start? about let's start with how my goals (to-do list) for 2012 are going.

2012 Running Goals
1. My number one running goal is to run a sub-1:50 half marathon
2. Secondary to the goal of a sub-1:50, I would like to attempt to run another marathon PR (sub-4:10:11) with a stretch goal of running a sub-4:00:00-- No work has been done on these two goals as of yet.  I will be running plenty of 1/2 marathons for #1 and I am thinking fall is a good time to shoot for #2.

2012 Mini Running Challenges
1. Run 100 miles per month- obviously this is a work in progress and I am currently at 17 miles and going strong.
2. Run a half marathon each month- will be running the Phoenix 1/2 marathon next Sunday...check January off the list!

2012 Non-Running Mini Challenges
1. Increase the amount of cross-training/strength training I do on a monthly basis- did my first pool workout today while the kids were swimming at the YMCA

No, this isn't our YMCA but it is a pool!!
2. Focus on choosing and cooking healthier foods- I made three well-balanced meals this week plus a fourth balanced meal using leftovers.  I have stayed away from the sweets all week except for this afternoon when I did have frozen yogurt.  I went with strawberry/banana topped with strawberries and raspberries...does that count as a healthy dessert?

One of the meals made this week
3. Drink more water- this one is always a challenge for me.  I'm doing okay in this area but certainly need to be doing much more.
4. I promised a certain someone that if they ran a marathon with me I would learn to swim so I intend to make good on that promise this year.- I have looked at the YMCA swim lesson calendar and have thought about calling to see about private lessons but that is as far as I have gotten. 

I realize it is only January 7th but I am very proud of myself for my success this week.  Only 51 more weeks to go to achieve those goals and complete my to-do list!

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!


  1. Awesome goals Jodi! Thanks for the shout out! Good luck!

  2. Great goals :) They are very realistic and you'll crush them

  3. I have no doubts about the sub-1:50, and likely a new marathon PR as well. We'll both get sub-4 marathons eventually!!