Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November In Review

Saturday's 7.1 mile afternoon run while visiting family in Pennsylvania brought my November training to a close.  During the course of those 7.1 miles I got to experience the beautiful sights and sounds of the country in my hometown, including this beautiful sunset.

This month I wasn't following a training plan and I was just running to run and I rather enjoyed it.  While I didn't run a ton of miles in November I did enjoy the run each and every single time I laced up my Brooks Addictions.  I also believe this month was my lowest mileage month in 2011 but you know what?  I am totally okay with it!  I still got some quality workouts in and I got to spend time with family.  I consider that a win-win in my book.

November 2011 Stats
51.6-- running miles
0-- elliptical miles
0-- bike miles
0-- spinning class miles
51.6-- total miles
0 minutes-- rope skipping
158-- weight as of November 30, 2011*
*reduced mileage and workouts combined with not so healthy eating habits resulted in a 2.4 lb gain this month.

Current 2011 Stats
1242.31-- running miles
17.8-- elliptical miles
15.86-- bike miles
55.8-- spinning class miles
1331.77-- total miles
1 hour and 55 minutes-- rope skipping

Looking ahead to December, Deb (my best friend) and I will be heading to Sin City on Friday evening for a girl's weekend which includes:



And This

It is going to be a fun-filled weekend packed full of great food, fun, and friendship!  I'm sure you will all want to hear a complete report of the weekend but you must remember one thing:

"What Happens In Vegas......"

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!


  1. Okay, i don't love Garth, but that Vegas trip looks AWESOME! November was a good month. Keep posting those photos... love the outdoorsy ones.

  2. November was a lower-than-usual mileage month for me, too. It's a tough month that way! Love the 7.1 picture!!