Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thumbs Up Thursday...Dave

This week's spotlight is on Dave of Experience Life (here).  Once you read his interview head on over to his blog! 

Jodi:  How long have you been running?
Dave:  I guess I will say 3 years....unless you count high school or general cardio workouts, in which case closer to 20. :-)

Jodi:  Why did you start running?
Dave:  Started running in High School as a way to stay in shape for swim season. Stopped playing baseball my sophomore year, so took up track to build my cardio up. At the time I couldn't stand running and found it boring, but it grew on me.

Started back up 3 years ago after having health problems and needed to get into shape. A friend of mine asked/talked me into running a half marathon with her. I laughed until I realized she was serious.....Yes, the runners high is a bit contagious.

Jodi:  How many years have you been racing?
Dave:  Technically not long at all. I have been running mainly to get into/stay in shape. While I'm competitive, for me it's about health and pushing my limits and reaching goals. It's also helped me get back in the pool.

Jodi:  What is your favorite distance to race and why?
Dave:  Half Marathon....It's the only distance I have ever "raced", not including high school. But for me I guess I always preferred longer races, even in swimming. Not only can this white boy not jump, but can't sprint either. heehee

This weekend I'll be running in the annual Cleveland 10 Miler, so I will add another "racing distance" to the resume.

Jodi:  What is your favorite race memory?
Dave:  Has to be the Last Chance for Boston for a few reasons. Not only did I make it start to finish running, not walking at all, but I also was able to break 2 hours for the first time. I got the chance to run with Jodi who was nice enough to drive down from Cleveland to pace me and was the main reason for my new PR. Because of the course (flat 13 one mile loops), I decided the plan would be to turn the tables and help her set a PR. Long story short, we decided to abandon that plan 6 miles in and just settled for the 2 hour mark.

They say you need to do something to set yourself from the crowd, well I compare this race to that, since no matter what happens in another race in the future, no one can take away the memories of that race, along with the craziness in how it all went down and I'll always remember it and be thankful.

Dave and I after The Last Chance for Boston

Jodi:  What is your least favorite race memory?
Dave:  I currently do not have one (knock on wood)

Jodi:  What is your proudest running moment to date?
Dave:  I'm not sure if there is one exact moment, but more of how I've been able to accomplish things. All 3 of my half marathons, I have technically not followed the correct training plan. I mean, I have tried, but due to injuries, I have had to improvise.

The first half, I wasn't able to run the whole month prior to the race, the second I started training late (in part because mentally I didn't want a repeat of the first) and the most recent half, I did after "training only 7 weeks". So to be able to finish all 3 depsite this, I am humbled and proud. Now "unfortunately" trying to do the same with the marathon. I don't recommend it, but don't regret any of it....

Jodi:  What one item do you absolutely have to have with you on a training run?
Dave:  Running shoes, how else could I run? :-) ok, ok, besides the obvious.....My iPod & Compression socks. One helps my mind, the other helps my body.

Jodi:  What is your favorite fuel during a race?
Dave:  CliffShot Energy gels.....Been trying Powerbar EnergyBlast Gummies.

Jodi:  What is your favorite post race snack?
Dave:  Coconut water and protein bar or bagel.....I try to avoid my tasty favorites, aka chocolate, until after I've hydrated.  During the winter - hot chocolate during an ice bath.

Jodi:  Do you have a favorite quote?
Dave:  Yes........(oh was this not a yes or no question?)
"What excuse are you going to use today to not achieve your full potential?"

Jodi:  Finish this statement, when I run I feel______.
Dave:  free. Because you are in the moment. Running to me is a time to let go, release steam and not worry about anything.

Jodi:  What is your current goal?
Dave:  To be able to run AND finish the Cleveland Marathon next month
Next year - to complete a Half Ironman Triathlon
2 Years - to complete a Full Ironman Triathlon

Jodi:  Please feel free to add anything else you feel will help others lace up their shoes and get out there and run!!
Dave:  Never feel like you can't do it. Whether it be a marathon, a half marathon or even a 5k. Just like anything in life, there is no magic button or magic pill to get from point A to point B. Of course it's hard to believe you can finish something if you have never actually done it. But the first thing you need is belief in YOURSELF. Then u need to visualize yourself doing it. Will it be easy, probably not, but nothing worth having is ever easy. Will you fail?....maybe. But then you learn from it and get back up and do it again.

Do that and the satisfaction, the accomplishment, will absolutely be the best feeling in the world.

Wake up each morning being thankful....Live today like there is no tomorrow....Ending each day knowing you gave it your all.....The cycle of life, why waste it doing nothing.
Thanks again for the opportunity to give you a Thumbs Up Dave!  I look forward to achieving your goal of running and finishing the Cleveland Marathon with you!  Best of luck with the half and full ironman as well!
Keep running, you're simply the best, and Dave YOU inspire ME!!

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  1. Yes Dave you are such a positive runner... and I know that we are going to finish Cleveland strong!!