Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rockin' The Motor City

In just a few hours, we will be on our way to Michigan for the Detroit Free Press 1/2 Marathon and my shot at a new PR! I have spent the past 8 weeks diligently following the training plan that Joe was kind enough to create for me. At this point, all there is left to do is show up and run! I will remember Joe's final piece of advice tomorrow during the 1/2. He pointed out that sometimes in a big "goal race" you can tend to take everything just a bit too serious and things tighten up. Your shoulders, your arms, your hands, everything clenches up and you run "tight". Just remember to smile over that first mile and stay loose.
Loose = Relaxed. Relaxed = Smooth. Smooth = Fast.
The weather report for tomorrow is looking promising. Forty-six degrees at the start with the sun expected to make an appearance about one hour into the race! So the plan is to run and have fun!
Goal #1: Break 1:54:14 (my current 1/2 PR)
Goal #2: Run 1:50:XX

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!


  1. Go Jodi GO!!!! :) Good luck chica!!! Will be thinking about you tomorrow! Cheers!

  2. Thanks Morgan! Good luck to you tomorrow at Grand Rapids as well!

  3. Good luck! I hope the race is all that you hoped for!

  4. Good Luck! You will rock it!

    That was great advice on "taking it easy" on a goal race!