Monday, January 25, 2010

Splish Splash 11 mile Dash....

Yesterday it was 47 degrees here! I set out at 8:30 AM for my long run. Of course there was a threat of rain but I decided to go for it so I didn't have to put in 11 miles on the treadmill. Within the first three miles of the run it started pouring. At this point I could have headed back home and finished my run on the treadmill but I figured I was soaked already so why not just finish the run outside. By the time I hit mile nine I was running through the puddles on purpose, acting like a kid again! The funniest part of the run was the drivers attempting to splash me. Really people, there is literally water dripping off the visor part of my baseball cap how could you possibly think splashing me would bother me at all at this point. I just kept on running and laughing and acting like a kid. It was fun! I was completely shocked that I managed to run a 9:51 mile pace for the entire 11.08 miles especially because the wind was so fierce at times that it felt like I was standing still.

When I got home from the run I was literally drenched with water still dripping off the visor part of my baseball cap. My shoes were soaked and making that "sloshing" (is that a word) sound. I realized at this point that my workout clothes were really heavy so I actually decided to weigh them to see how much extra weight I was running with. Turns out my workout clothes weighed 5.2 lbs (not including my shoes). I was talking to a friend last night at her daughter's birthday party about how I technically ran with an extra 5.2 pounds on my body. She looked me in the eye and said do I have to remind you how much extra weight you were carrying this time last year? I immediately realized she was absolutely right. Last year I was carrying an extra 42 pounds on my body so in the grand scheme of things, 5.2 lbs is nothing!!

Today is a scheduled rest day. Good thing because my legs are sore!!

Keep running, you're simply the best, you inspire me!


  1. I can't stand running in rain like that, so many props to you! Way to tough it out.

  2. I love running in the rain. However, I hate the wind!! 42 pounds? That is amazing!! Great job on the weight loss!

  3. Yes Staci...42 pounds!! It took a good year but it was worth every single pound!! Great job to you as well...I saw your stats today!!