Saturday, January 9, 2010

152, 18-20, 5.....what a difference a year makes part 1

My weight as of January 9, 2010. Down 42 pounds since December 2009. What a difference a year makes!!

The size snow pants I tried on last night. They were YOUTH size 18-20 and they fit except they were a little too short for my 5'9" frame. To think I wore an 18 in women's this time last year (I think I still have those jeans in the closet. I should put them on and take a picture!) WOW--again what a difference a year makes!!

The number of miles I ran on the treadmill last night. I chose to run intervals to make the time go by faster. I ran 18 X 400 (9 of them at 5k pace) plus my warm up and cool down. This time last year I wasn't running a single step. So, I will say it again...what a difference a year makes!!

Keep running, you inspire me, you're simply the best!!

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