Sunday, November 22, 2009

"You Inspire Me"

I was at a neighborhood OSU vs MICH party on Saturday (GO BUCKS) and I saw some neighbors I hadn't seen in awhile. We got to talking about my running and how it has been a great weight loss tool. Many questions were asked:

~How long have you been running? Since February 2009
~How much weight have you lost? Close to 40 pounds
~Are you growing your hair out? Yes, I figured new weight, new hair
~Did you run outside all last winter? Yes, I did (well, except one day when the wind was blowing a snow/hail mix in my face...I opted to use the treadmill that day)
~Do you have any new goals? Yes, I want to complete the Cleveland Marathon in May

As I was leaving the party, one of my neighbors said three simple words that made me realize there are so many physical and emotional benefits to running. Those three words were "you inspire me."

Keep on running and always remember "you inspire me."

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