Wednesday, November 9, 2016

October in Review with a small Columbus Marathon Report

I am happy to say that I am actually getting to last month's review in a timely manner.  Maybe I can get myself back on track with my blogging however only time will tell.

October 2016
76.63 running miles
2.02 walking miles
78.65 total miles

Current 2016 Stats
 555.01 running miles
 34.78 walking miles
 589.79 total miles

October wasn't too bad overall.  I had some bad runs and some really good runs but in the end I am grateful to have my health that gives me the ability to run!

Let me start with my bad run.  I ran the Columbus Marathon on October 16 and it was my worst run in October.  Trisha and I planned to run together for the duration of the 26.2 miles but my body had other ideas.  I was able to run through mile 10 but then I had to ask Trisha if we could walk a little bit at the end of the next few miles and she kindly agreed.  I considered turning off at the 1/2 marathon split but realized I needed to finish what I started and set an example for my children.  By mile 14 I sent Trisha on her way.  It was hot and I was struggling.  Right around this point I saw Dave on the course and had a bit of an emotional breakdown on his shoulder.  He talked me through it and I continued on my way.  Fast forward to mile 16 and I had yet another breakdown on Dave's shoulder and then pressed on.  After mile 16 my body would not let me run.  I would try and I would almost immediately have to slow to a walk again.  I would end up walking the last 10 miles of the marathon and developing awful blisters at mile 23.  I did manage to wog (walk/jog) across the finish line but it HURT!!  I am happy to report that Trisha ran a PR race despite my need to stop and walk earlier in the race!  I vowed after the marathon that I was retiring from that distance!  I am going back to my first love, the 1/2 marathon!!


Race Morning

Starting Line

Ran into Patty at the start


Now for the good run.  I had the chance to meet up with my friend Joanna for a nice 8 mile run the last weekend in October.  The scenery of the Metroparks and the wonderful conversation made it a great run!  Breakfast afterwards was a nice little bonus as well!!

Joanna and I at the Metroparks

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

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