Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Hidden Gem

So I have lived relatively close to a local park for almost 9 years and until recently I had no clue there was a 1/2 mile paved path there.  One of my neigbhors mentioned to me that he runs there while he has his kids ride their bikes to playground days.  As another one of my neighbor's said when I mentioned that I had run there this morning, it's a hidden gem.
The entrance to the park
 When I woke up this morning (without setting an alarm...hey it's summer break for me), I scrolled through dailymile to see what everyone's workouts had looked like from last night and early this morning.  I happened to notice that Amanda from Get to Goal had done speedwork in the form of 400's and it motivated me to do the same.  With the knowledge that I am about 1 mile from the park, I headed out with the plan to run the mile warm-up to the park and then do 4 x 400's with a 400 recovery after each one.  The path worked perfectly since the first half was my speed interval and the second half was my recovery interval.
The beginning of the path.
I haven't done much running in general lately so logically I haven't been doing much any speedwork so I was pleasantly surprised that all of my speed intervals were between 7:37 and 7:51.  Not bad for a "spur of the moment" decision thanks to the motivation from Amanda.  After I completed my speed session I ran another lap, took some photos and then headed back towards home to get in a mile cool down.  I am trying to walk at least a 1/2 mile after each run since I read on the internet that it is good for you so it must be a fact.  HA!! 
Just gorgeous to run past while on the path
I am so glad that my neighbor mentioned the beauty that is a workout in this park!  I will definitely be returning to do workouts in the future.  The added bonus is that there are a few exercise stations (step ups, sit ups, etc) along the path.  I didn't utilize them today but I do plan to utilize them in the future and will be sure to snap a picture to share with all of you!

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!


  1. So glad I could inspire your workout! (Although your speed intervals turned out much better than mine). I'm just starting back up with weekly speed sessions so they are so hard for me right now, especially with it being summer. I'll get better!

    Love that there is a trail right near you. I'm 3/4 mile away from the forest preserve near me! So nice to be able to run there!

  2. You time you are in town, you must come down by me and come running with me and my friends! You will love it! (Because we will be going much slower and it can be an easy run for you! ha!)

    1. Yes I definitely need to hook up with all of you for a run the next time I am in town.