Monday, June 30, 2014

June in Review

An easy five mile run on Sunday with Missi and Cindy in the Metroparks and the final day of my 30 day ab challenge this afternoon brought my June training to an end.

Gorgeous scenery on the run in the Metroparks

June 2014 Stats
62.04-- running miles
.64- walking miles
9.51-- biking miles
0-- elliptical miles
0-- kettlebell workouts
0-- stair workouts
0-- fitness app workout
0-- upper body weight fitness workouts
0-- leg weight fitness workouts
1-- monthly fitness challenge workout
0-- Assorted cross training exercises workouts
72.19-- total miles

Current 2014 Stats
487.58-- running miles
22.80-- walking miles
22.51-- biking miles
4.1-- elliptical miles
8-- kettlebell workouts
6-- stair workouts
1-- fitness app workout
1-- Assorted cross training exercises workout
3-- upper body weight fitness workouts
1-- leg weight fitness workouts
2  1/3-- monthly fitness challenge workout
536.99-- total miles

2014 Mission check-in

Mission #1: Make an effort to eat more fruits and vegetables.
Action Plan: Always have fruits and vegetables cleaned, cut up, and ready for consumption.
Action Plan: Choose healthier options when snacking.
Mission #1 went much better in June.  I still had my days but I managed to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and also cooked several well balanced meals for the family.

Mission #2: Accept and embrace that my best is good enough.
Action Plan: Stop comparing myself to others and compare myself to the person I was yesterday.
Action Plan: Define my own success and measure it by what I am able to do.
Mission #2 is definitely where it should be.  I am in competition with no one!!

My 2014 Motto

Mission #3: Run 1400 miles in 2014.
Action Plan: Run.
Action Plan: Run some more.
Mission #3 seems to have slowed down but that is okay.  62.04 miles run in June (912.42 miles to go).
Mission #4: Run happy.
Action Plan: Run training runs and races with friends as often as I can.
Action Plan: Listen to my heart and not the beeps on my Garmin.
Action Plan: Be thankful that I have been blessed with a healthy body that allows me to run.
Mission #4 is golden!  I am still loving the run and enjoying helping others meet their goals.  I helped some of the young athletes make it to the finish during the Girls with Sole run this month and I also volunteered at a 1/2 marathon a few weeks ago and it was so great to be able to give back.

Enjoying the after party at Girls with Sole

Getting ready to run at Girls with Sole

Mission #5: Do other workouts in addition to running.
Action Plan: Find workouts I enjoy and actually do them.
Action Plan: Participate in some monthly fitness challenges.
Mission #5 went a bit better in June but not too much better.   I did get in 2 bike rides and I also walked .64 miles.  I did manage to complete my 30 day challenge for the month though so I am calling that a success.  I did A LOT of leg raises, crunches, sit ups, and planks.  I need to work on this mission more seriously for the month of July!!
This one was tough but I am pleased that I was successful!

Aside from the fact that I ran a lot less this month and didn't get too razy with the other workouts, I am still happy with June.  Afterall, I am still recovering from a marathon.

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

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