Monday, July 22, 2013

The 19 miler that became a 17 miler...

This past weekend my training schedule called for 9 miles on Saturday with some marathon goal pace miles thrown in.  Knowing my daughter had a skating competition on Saturday I reached out to coach Joe and asked for his advice.  I pretty much knew what he would tell me to do but I just wanted validation from him.  He told me to enjoy my time with my daughter on Saturday and then run my 19 miler on Sunday with a slight alteration.  I was supposed to run the first 14 miles at marathon goal pace +:60.  During the final 5 miles I was to do some 4:00 minute pick ups at marathon goal pace.  The run started out perfectly.  I was feeling great and having no problem at all keeping the pace.  I planned my route to go past my sister-in-law's house so I could stop and use the restroom and get more water if I needed it.  I made it to her driveway at mile 9.75 and I did go in and use the restroom and grab more water.  I came back out to finish my run and snapped a quick picture of the gorgeous view of Lake Erie.
One of the only good parts of yesterday's run

Once I started running again something just didn't seem right.  I kept putting one foot in front of the other and when I got to the part of the run where I was supposed to do the pick ups I had to listen to my body and not do them because I was starting to feel a bit off.  I had to stop at a gas station to buy more water.  I also grabbed some ice cubes and put them in my tank top in the hopes that it would cool me down.  The 98% humidity was definitely getting to me.  Once I hit mile 16 I became increibly lightheaded and dizzy so I slowed the pace down and called it done at mile 17.  I figured 17 miles finished upright was a better option than 19 finished in the ER.

I know exactly what happened and I should know better.  I have experienced dehydration and a trip to the ER before.  In fact it was how my first marathon ended...not at the finish line getting a medal but in an ambulance and then in a bed in the ER.  I had spent all day at the ice rink on Saturday and I definitely didn't hydrate or fuel my body properly.  I was too busy watching my daughter rock her events.  I should have been watching her with fluids in my hand. 
1st place in compulsory

First place program

As coach Joe said on my dailymile post: "lesson learned which is don't take these long runs for granted the day before.  Practice as close as you can what you'll eat, drink, etc starting wtih breakfast on Saturday all the way until bedtime.  Everyone worries about dinner the night before a 20-miler, but the whole day is important." 

I spent the rest of yesterday trying to replenish the lost fluids.  Believe me, I will be much smarter with my hydration and nutrition prior to future long runs.

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

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  1. Glad you cut it short. I know I'm in trouble when I get dizzy and my ears start to "fill up". Got to respect the distance and this weather, no matter how many times we've already "done it". So glad you are okay.