Thursday, February 28, 2013

February in Review

A fantastic hill repeat session on the basement treadmill  brought my February training to an end.  It was a great sweat session and I had the chance to break in my new shoes!

The February Details
February 2013 stats
76.6-- running miles
67-- spin miles
0-- jump rope fitness workouts
0-- core fitness workout
7-- Pure Barre classes
1--  Fitness App workout
143.60-- total miles

Current 2013 stats
176.91-- running miles
67-- spin miles (3 classes)
19-- jump rope fitness workouts
1-- core fitness workout
7-- Pure Barre classes
1--  Fitness App workout
243.91-- total miles

2013 "to do list" check-in

2013 Running Goals
1. First and foremost 26.2 under 4 hours--enough said
-As of February 28, 2013 I have been looking at marathons to determine where I would like to attempt this goal.  I'm leaning towards an October race.
2. Achieve a second sub 1:50 so I can remove the asterick from my current sub 1:50 PR
-I didn't run any half marathons in February.  I am still hoping to achieve this goal while running in DC in March.

2013 Mini Running Challenges
1. Run 100 miles per month
-73.1 miles run in February.  The stomach bug and pure exhaustion hit me hard and put a glitch in my monthly mileage goal.
2. Run 1300 miles for the year
- 1,123.09 miles to go to complete this challenge.

2013 Non-Running Mini Challenges
1. Cross-train at least twice a week
-I am incredibly happy with February's cross training.  I took 7 Pure Barre classes, 3 spin classes, and completed one fitness app.  In fact, one of my employees told me that she could see a difference in the way my clothes were fitting so the Pure Barre classes must be working.  Always nice to get a compliment. 
2. Complete a jump rope workout every day
-This goal came to a halt last month to prevent injury and I didn't do a single jump rope workout this month. 
3. Drink 50 ounces of water per day (based on my current weight, this is my daily water intake need)
-Success here.
4. Take my vitamins daily
-Vitamin taken every single day in February.
5. Continue to choose and cook healthier foods
-12 meals made in February.  I am pretty happy with this considering every single person in our house was sick for a few days in February.
6. Learn to swim...better luck this year
-Same story as last month.  We all know this one is a thorn in my side. I have done extensive research in regards to swim lessons. I just need to figure out what will fit my schedule and make the commitment.

I am very happy with my February training.  I managed to incorporate a lot more cross training and I have thoroughly enjoyed every class that I have attended.  Both the spin and Pure Barre instructors are great and really know how to motivate you to do your best.  I did fall short of my mileage goal for the month but I can't be upset about that since I was sidelined by that stomach bug.  Also, for those that are keeping track, I did not eat a single sweet or chip the entire month of February--challenge complete!!

I really would like to know when it is going to warm up here and actually start to resemble the fact that spring is just a few short weeks away.  I'm looking forward to running the Rock 'N Roll USA half in March with Deb and Nikki.  Here's hoping for awesome running weather with a killer PR to show for it!

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!


  1. You're doing awesome on your goals!!! I would love to try a Pure Barre looks like an awesome workout!

    1. Thanks so much!! The Pure Barre workout is amazing. If you have the classes in your area I highly recommend trying them!

  2. Nice goals! I'd love to have ONE 100mile month! I look forward to watching you MEET these goals!!

  3. Great mileage! Mine was about 70 too for February- Hoping to increase it this month. Love the blog! Check out my blog for the Liebster award I nominated you for!