Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bugged Training

Last week was a crazy week for my training as I was completely sidelined by the stomach bug.  I was at the ice rink with my kids for their ice show rehearsal on Sunday (Feb. 10th) and out of nowhere I was feeling terrible.  It was all I could do to make it home before getting sick.  It was a long, miserable night of getting sick off and on until early Monday morning.  My entire body was aching and I couldn't get comfortable for the life of me.  Monday evening I started to feel a bit better and thought I might be able to go to work on Tuesday.  Fast forward to Tuesday morning and my head was pounding so hard it was painful to stand up.  Pretty sure that was a direct result of being dehydrated from the bug.  Sure enough my daughter came down with it on Tuesday afternoon and had to stay home from school Wednesday with grandma.  The stomach bug can certainly throw a wrench into a training plan.  Here's a look at my "bugged" training last week.

Sunday, Feb 10
Plan:  10 mile run
Actual:  10 mile run (I didn't get sick until Sunday night)

Monday, Feb 11
Plan:  Strength training
Actual:  Stomach bug (hard core ab workout..yuck)

Tuesday, Feb 12
Plan:  4 Off/on miles
Actual:  Dehydation headache/stomach bug plus a sick child

Wednesday, Feb 13
Plan:  Pure Barre class
Actual:  Makeup homework with previously mentioned sick child

Thursday, Feb 14
Plan:  5 miles (hill repeats)
Actual:  4 miles (hill repeats)

Friday, Feb 15
Plan:  Pure Barre class
Actual:  Pure Barre class

Saturday, Feb 16
Plan:  5 pace miles, 50 minute spin class
Actual:  50 minute spin class

Sunday, Feb 17
Plan:  11 miles
Actual:  8 miles, Pure Barre class

Fortunately the week didn't end up being a complete wash.  I was happy to get in a few workouts.  I was definitely tired and had to work harder at each one.  I am sure that had something to do with having the stomach bug for several days.  Yesterday was supposed to be a strength training day but my body was telling me it still needed some recovery so I went with a rest day.  I am back on track with my training as of this morning.  I hit the YMCA indoor track at 5 AM for my planned off/on 4 miler and while my legs were tight from Sunday's workouts, I was able to hit all of my planned paces.  Here's hoping I am completely recovered and my training plan won't be "bugged" this week.

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

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  1. I HATE getting off plan due to sickness injury!! Looks like you played it wisely though. Glad you're feeling a better!