Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July in Review

I am not sure how it is August already but the calendar doesn't lie so it is time for a month in review.
July 2012 stats
68.37-- running miles
6.5-- bike miles
2-- pool workout
0-- core fitness workouts
74.87-- total miles
158.4-- weight as July 31, 2012 (obvious gain here)
Current 2012 stats
519.97-- running miles
18.7-- bike miles
3-- pool workouts
56-- core fitness workouts
538.67-- total miles
158.4-- current weight

2012 "to do list" July check-in
2012 Running Goals

1. My number one running goal is to run a sub-1:50 half marathon
-I didn't even attempt this goal in July. I really need to come up with a plan and commit to achieving this goal soon.
2. Secondary to the goal of a sub-1:50, I would like to attempt to run another marathon PR (sub-4:10:11) with a stretch goal of running a sub-4:00:00
-I have come to the decision that I am not going to run a full marathon this year. With a goal of running a 1/2 marathon every month this year, I think it would be a bad idea to train for a full at the risk of getting injured.

2012 Mini Running Challenges
1. Run 100 miles per month
-68.37 miles run in July- I got a little closer this month than in previous months.  I am still okay with this and  I continue to run just to enjoy it right now.
2. Run a half marathon each month
-Presque Isle 1/2 Marathon (2:10:20)- My July 1/2 marathon fell right during the anniversary of my Uncle Joe's passing.  I ran all 13.1 miles for him and then headed into the water and reflected on what an amazing person he was.

2012 Non-Running Mini Challenges
1. Increase the amount of cross-training/strength training I do on a monthly basis
-3 cross training/strength training workouts done in July- One 6.5 mile bike ride and two 45 minute pool workouts.  I decided to take advantage of taking the kids to the pool to get in some cross training!!
2. Focus on choosing and cooking healthier foods
-7 well-balanced meals prepared in July- This was definitely not very good.  My weight gain would indicate that I ate out a lot and didn't make the best choices.  Oh well, there's always August.
3. Drink more water
-I conitnue to be successful in this area.
4. I promised a certain someone that if they ran a marathon with me I would learn to swim so I intend to make good on that promise this year.
-I'm running out of months here.  I better take care of this sooner rather than later.

I am happy with how July turned out and I am looking forward to starting August off right with a trip to Minnesota with Deb and Nikki this weekend to cross state #10 off the list of 50!

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

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  1. No. It cannot be August. I'm positive that I *just* commented on your June recap. Someone alert the calendar that in fact it is wrong.