Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December in Review

How is it possible that today is the last day of 2014.  This year really seemed to fly by.  My December activity came to a close today when I completed the final day of my December Challenge.  I did 31 push ups, 31 sit ups, 31 dips, 31 squats, and jumped rope for 31 minutes this morning to close out the month of December.

Decenber 2014 Stats
38.53-- running miles
4.56- walking miles
0- biking miles
0-- elliptical miles
0-- kettlebell workouts
0-- stair workouts
0-- fitness app workout
0-- upper body weight fitness workouts
0-- leg weight fitness workouts
0- monthly fitness challenge workout
0-- Assorted cross training exercises workouts
43.09-- total miles

Current 2014 Stats
845.04-- running miles
56.4-- walking miles
37.59-- biking miles
4.1-- elliptical miles
8-- kettlebell workouts
6-- stair workouts
1-- fitness app workout
1-- Assorted cross training exercises workout
3-- upper body weight fitness workouts
1-- leg weight fitness workouts
2 1/3-- monthly fitness challenge workout
943.13-- total miles

2014 Mission check-in

Mission #1: Make an effort to eat more fruits and vegetables.
Action Plan: Always have fruits and vegetables cleaned, cut up, and ready for consumption.
Action Plan: Choose healthier options when snacking.
Mission #1 wasn't all that great this month.  Too many parties and holidays and not enough fruits and veggies!!

Mission #2: Accept and embrace that my best is good enough.
Action Plan: Stop comparing myself to others and compare myself to the person I was yesterday.
Action Plan: Define my own success and measure it by what I am able to do.
Mission #2 didn't waver at all this month.  Me against me as it should be!!

Mission #3: Run 1400 miles in 2014.
Action Plan: Run.
Action Plan: Run some more.
Mission #3 didn't happen in 2014 but I am 100% okay with this.  38.53 miles run in December (This mission was not accomplished.  I fell short by 554.96 miles.

Mission #4: Run happy.
Action Plan: Run training runs and races with friends as often as I can.
Action Plan: Listen to my heart and not the beeps on my Garmin.
Action Plan: Be thankful that I have been blessed with a healthy body that allows me to run.
Mission #4 happened the entire year and I am very thankful for that!!

Mission #5: Do other workouts in addition to running.
Action Plan: Find workouts I enjoy and actually do them.
Action Plan: Participate in some monthly fitness challenges.
Mission #5 went very well in December!  I actually completed a December Fitness Challenge and cross-trained every single day in December.  In the end I completed 496 push ups, 496 sit ups, 496 dips, 496 squats, and 496 minutes (which converts to just over 8 hours) of jump rope. 

December went pretty well even though I didn't do a significant amount of running but I am proud that I completed my challenge.  Here's to seeing what 2015 has to bring!!

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!!

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