Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Missions

In my last post, I asked for a new word for goals because quite frankly the word goals stresses me out.  I took it to Facebook and after reviewing the suggestions, I have decided to go with missions.

Now that I have covered my reason for not having "goals", I give you my missions for 2014 in no particular order.

Mission #1:  Make an effort to eat more fruits and vegetables.
Action Plan:  Always have fruits and vegetables cleaned, cut up, and ready for consumption.
Action Plan:  Choose healthier options when snacking.

Mission #2:  Accept and embrace that my best is good enough.
Action Plan:  Stop comparing myself to others and compare myself to the person I was yesterday.
Action Plan:  Define my own success and measure it by what I am able to do.

Mission #3:  Run 1400 miles in 2014.
Action Plan:  Run.
Action Plan:  Run some more.

Mission #4:  Run happy.
Action Plan:  Run training runs and races with friends as often as I can.
Action Plan:  Listen to my heart and not the beeps on my Garmin.
Action Plan:  Be thankful that I have been blessed with a healthy body that allows me to run.

Mission #5:  Do other workouts in addition to running.
Action Plan:  Find workouts I enjoy and actually do them.
Action Plan:  Participate in some monthly fitness challenges.

As this is my mission list I am giving myself permission to add, delete, or change them at any given time.   I will update you on my progress when I do my month in review posts.  Here goes nothing...

Keep running, you're simply the best, and you inspire me!


  1. Ambitious and doable! Here's to 2014 missions!

  2. This is such a fun post. I may borrow your idea and do a knock off version! It is easy and fun to read! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Borrow away. I'm off to check out your blog now!

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  3. I love the idea of "missions". They are possible! :D My favorite is mission number four; if you end your run with a smile, it was a great one.

  4. Whoa, 1400 miles!!! Go get 'em! I just put my races and training plans together for the year and it's more mileage than I've ever covered before. I'll be posting about it soon. Maybe I should call it a mission too, 'cause it kind of intimidates me!