Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thumbs Up Thursday...Zoe

This week's spotlight is on Zoe of Run, Zoe, Run (here).  Once you read her interview head on over to her blog and say hello!

Jodi:  How long have you been running?

Zoe:  I started running when I was in middle school at the age of 10. My first race was with my Uncle Doug at 11 in Cape Cod, MA, and it was so much fun. I remember feeling like a rockstar having people cheer me on at the finish line, and I was hooked. I've had a love/hate relationship with running since I started.

Jodi:  Why did you start running?
Zoe:  I started running because my Uncle was a runner and I admired him so much. My middle school had a x-country team and I enjoyed the longer distances and running around neighborhoods instead of just the track.

Jodi:  How many years have you been racing?
Zoe:  I was on the x-country team in middle school and high school, took a break from racing/running in college and then restarted racing back in 2008 when I realized I really missed it!

Jodi:  What is your favorite distance to race and why?
Zoe:  The 5K is a distance I enjoy because it's quick, but I'm a fan of the half marathon because I feel invincible afterward. It's the perfect distance!

Jodi:  What is your favorite race memory?
Zoe:  The last x-country meet my Mum attended, two days before my 16th birthday. It was a Friday night and she was yelling "Run, Zoe, run!" and "Long strides, Zoe!" from a picnic blanket with my sister and her friend. I PR'd the course that night, and was "kidnapped" by my friends for a surprise birthday dinner and football game. It was a great race day, and it holds a very special place in my heart as my Mum's last race with me.

Jodi:  What is your least favorite race memory?
Zoe:  Oh boy, the Torchlight 8K back in 2009. ARGH! I over-hydrated for the race because it was in the 80s and humid, and I ended up pretty much needing to pee and maybeevenpeeingmypantsalittle during the race. So mad! I need to get back at that race and kick its butt next year.

Jodi:  What is your proudest running moment to date?
Zoe:  Besides running while pregnant with my daughter, Goober, I would have to say completing my first marathon 7 months post-partum. Crap, it was TOUGH! It was a complete mental battle at the end, and I was in pain, but finishing it was the best feeling ever...and then seeing my husband and daughter at the finish line made it absolutely perfect.

Zoe, 8 months pregnant, at the Iron Girl 5K September 2010

Zoe and her family after the Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon June 2011
Jodi:  What one item do you absolutely have to have with you on a training run?
Zoe:  Oh boy, it's both my Garmin Forerunner "Gus" and my iPhone for music. Can't run without either.

Jodi:  What is your favorite fuel during a race?
Zoe:  I'm a huge fan of Clif Shot Bloks in Tropical Punch and Strawberry. So delicious! But GU Watermelon Chomps are pretty tasty too.

Jodi:  What is your favorite post race snack?
Zoe:  After a race I love a big, cold glass of chocolate milk. Mmmm.

Jodi:  Who do you admire most and why?
Zoe:  All the women/men I've met in the running blog world that balance careers, parenthood, training, family, etc. I think it's amazing. Oh, and I admire Ryan Reynolds' abs.

Jodi:  Do you have a favorite quote?
Zoe:  "Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - Will Rogers

Jodi:  Finish this statement, when I run I feel___________.
Zoe: the world is my oyster...except then I remember that I don't like it makes me feel like a million bucks (the monetary kind, not the male deer).

Jodi:  What is your current goal?
Zoe:  I would love to shatter some of my current PRs in the 5K, 8K and 10K races...maybe even a sub 1:55 half soon.

Thanks again for the opportunity to give you a Thumbs Up Zoe!  Best of luck shattering those current PRs!!

Keep running, you're simply the best, and Zoe YOU inspire ME!!